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Land Rover ® has been heavily involved in supplying vehicles to the military for decades - right back to the first Series 1 Land Rover®. Some early military examples were requested in rare 2 wheel drive.....with such vehicles being used as driver training etc. These vehicles were actually more expensive to acquire for the military. The RAF also used Land Rovers ®. Many were used on runways, right through to being dropped out of aircraft under a parachute! The so called, Lightweight Land Rover ® was the primary vehicle for this role. The Lightweight was actually heavier in fully built up mode, but its ease of parts removal leant it to being ultimately lighter for drops. Lightweight Land Rovers ® came in a range of formats - some were used as helicopter starter vehicles, some were just used in the field, and others took part in conflicts. They came in diesel form, petrol, 12 and 24v. 24v machines were generally used as radio communication vehicles, so called "Fitted For Radio" or FFR for short. Some variants were supplied in Left Hand Drive diesel - mainly for the Dutch military, although there were some very early petrol examples sent across for appraisal purposes. Lightweights could even be fully waterproofed using a large kit of parts, making them capable of wading beyond their height!

The 101 Land Rover ® was also supplied to the military, having a greater load capacity than the parallel series example. These were large, V8 machines, capable of carrying large loads at high speed.  The forward control, as it became known, was eventually replaced with more modern 4x4s, although many still survive in civilian hands.

Series 2 and Series 3 Land Rovers® were also bought for military use, many of which still survive today. They can often be recognised by the addition of things like military lights, wing top boxes and flyscreens.....many were fitted with a military data plate too, showing the military service number, from which history can now be traced.

To this day, the military still use Land Rovers ® in service, most of which are variants of the 90 and 110.  Various models included the Snatch and the Tithonus, modified and upgraded for a variety of uses. 

Owning a vintage, military Series vehicle today is not such a bad idea - the military took great care of their vehicles whilst in service, and after late release from forces, they often passed into the hands of enthusiasts, who cared for them in a similar fashion. This generally translates to a vehicle which is less abused, has a lower mileage and has survived in better condition. As these vehicles are just civilian Land Rovers ® on steroids, they are still easy to maintain, with parts being freely available. Expect to pay a little more for parts on 24v machines, but a they are more robust, that doesn't happen very often! 

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