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We sell many vehicles by recommendation, but from time to time, people want to know we are reputable! We don’t really feel it’s completely necessary to prove ourselves, but when we can, we’ll add a few comments from customers.

Vanessa - KVB


Dear John and John !

I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you Johns and your team for getting my new best friend to me so quickly!!
I am TOTALLY thrilled and have had such fun this weekend zipping around with the kids !
She’s a beauty !

Attached s couple of photos I tough you might like!
Feel free to use them on insta if you would like !

Best wishes and again thank you

Roland - EAF


Dear Chad, Lisa and Steve,

Thank you for your great service and help in helping us on the road to our first Land Rover.  It was all spot on.

She drove home to Norfolk like a dream and we fulfilled our ambition of using her as our Holkham beach run car yesterday!

A friend on the village has a 90, and when we dropped in to show her we discovered that hers was from John Brown too!  Two from your stables in our sleepy Norfolk hamlet, expect more calls from theses parts.

GVG gets invited to a wedding


We were delighted to hear from David regarding GVG, which he purchased from us in November 2018. 

David has already had many adventures in his beloved Series 3 - with the latest being the best of the bunch....

Cleaned and polished for the wedding of David's daughter, Alice - who looks stunning  - proving the true versatility of a Series Land Rover® for all occasions!

David left us these kind messages:

Hi John

Some piccies of GVG/ Maggie May being used to take my daughter Alice to her wedding yesterday. Her new husband Jono is a Kiwi.

My wife Christine, two kiwis and a French guest, were transported back from the church and she attracted much attention upon her return home.

She attracted a lot of envious comments at the wedding. It’s amazing how many people have affectionate Landy memories.

Thanks for a great truck.


Ben Fogle receives his Land Rover® and is delighted...


It was a pleasure to work with Ben once again and provide him with this beautiful series 1. This is the second vehicle Ben has purchased from us. 

The first was aptly named 'The Mistress' and featured in his best selling book 'Land Rover The story of the car that conquered the World.'

The vehicle was created to replicate the look of the Series 1 we provided for the Royal Yacht Britannia recently. We think you will agree it looks pretty amazing.

Below is a picture of Ben enjoying his new wheels and the kind words he sent us.

The car is beyond EPIC
B x

Christian - CTR


Dear John
Just to confirm, I took delivery of the Land Rover on Saturday. Looks in good condition and we’ve taken it out for a trundle round the farm which was great fun. Thought you might like the picture below, with its biggest fan in situ!

John - JKL


Hi John

JKL arrived safely and Ben explained various things.  We were both very impressed with the paint finish, so many thanks indeed.  Drives very nicely.  I’m clearly not as agile as I was twenty years ago when I last had a Series 3 and struggle a bit to climb in!  I may go against my better judgement and have a step fitted…

I will wear your company logo with pride on the back of JKL and will have no hesitation recommending you to others.

Kind regards,


Martin - DDR


Hi John,

DDR arrived in South Glos at 11.35pm last night after an epic and many memories-evoking trip of 250 miles from Harrogate to Bristol!

What a great lady she is and I still beam every time I see her parked or I get in the driving seat!

She performed beautifully all the way, with increasingly smoother gear changes as I got the hang of it, a great sounding engine, and solid Land Rover handling in all conditions ... and me smelling of petrol and oil as one should on a long journey in a LR SIIA.  

Thanks for making this happen, she is a beauty and I have recalled so many memories of my childhood in it in just one day. I also enjoyed the appreciative looks from mostly blokes and the sympathetic looks from mostly ladies!

PJ - Jersey


Duchess still working in Jersey - 99’000 miles now!

Simon - KEB


Hi John & the team, 

Now that all has settled down a bit, I thought I’d email you to say a huge thank you for the Landrover.
The tyre is fixed (valve) and all is good. It is great fun driving around Norfolk, esp in the sunshine!

Ben was a marvel, he explained everything so clearly, can’t fault him or you guys.

Mike - YVH


Hi John, The Boar, arrived late Thursday evening and I felt for Ben as he had a terrible journey. Even so he was very kind and spent some time to remind me on how to operate the Landy. I hope he had a better drive home.

I took the Boar out today for a few hours. The idiosyncrasies came back to me and I’ve got used to the difference in driving my Freelander 2. I’ve even got some bruises which I had forgotten about. It feels great!

I was surprised at how good it was and it appears to be as you explained. It has an air filter and carb which I don’t recognise. Can you tell me what type it is? Also will I need to use a lead additive or will it be ok to use unleaded?

Graeme - WKW


Finally getting round to sending an update on delivery of WKW227K.
As you will see from the attached the intended passengers cannot wait to get in and head off for their next adventure! Many thanks for the prompt service it is exactly as requested; thanks also to Ben for advice and chat on delivery...
Graeme and hounds Ruby and Dante.

Roy Cooper - TKY


Dear John, I am happy to report that  TKY has arrived in Sardinia. 

The journey took 5 days ( more about that later). In fact we have now run out of road, across the sea (170 miles) is North Africa.

TKY performed like a trooper, and in her particular way took the motorways, climbs, mountain passes without complaint, just a question of understanding how to tackle various driving scenarios.

So, what can I say to you all.... many thanks,  we had trepidation’s but now we have completed the journey and to be honest adventure we have faith! No bad backs or locked knees, those seats are more basic yes, but more comfortable than many modern versions!

Somewhat sad that TKY will stay here, (more about that later also)

Alex & HYJ


We were delighted to hear from Alexander, who recently took delivery of HYJ in its new home of Dumfries & Galloway. See his testimonial below:

Hi John,

I've attached a couple of photos of HYJ at its new home in south Scotland. Also a photo when my grandson Lewis came round wearing his landrover fleece.

It's in daily use and I'm beginning to feel very at home driving it!

Sally collects NRX!


Dear John, 

Thank you so much for collecting myself and my niece from the station last Friday. It was great to meet you and to finally see what a great guy you have been - as per the service and consideration you have given me. I will send you a photo of Yekim (Mikey backwards - so my partner will be with me), at the new home. 

Had a slow but uneventful journey back to Norfolk. I came home today, and missed out the Midlands bit of my planned trip. I was being overtaken by the lorries on the motoroways, however, got my own back on the caravans on the A roads... Thank you again for making this so easy for me. I only had one near overheating bit which is when the A1 joined the A17 - queues. Definitely prefers the roads in Norfolk! 

I'd forgotten how amazing it is to see the whites of people's eyes as they just avoid you coming towards them - didn't think I was that scary. Will get some photos to you to include on your facebook page if you like! Thanks again, it really is much appreciated... 

Best wishes, Sally

CEV begins its new life....


We were delighted to hear from Judith, who collected CEV from us yesterday....

Hi John,Wonderful journey home yesterday - nice and steady.
I attach a photo of CEV's' new home - you can see why we needed to measure!

Many thanks to you all for the welcome and superb service.

EDH finds a new home with Alan!


We were delighted to hear from Alan, who collected his new 'to order' vehicle from us on Friday:

I know Edith did not travel as far to home as some had but she certainly went 
through some awful weather and diversions seven hours from Thirsk to Lincolnshire - horrendous however she did not miss a beat.

According to my wife who was following me I did cruise at 55 mph on the A1 when traffic allowed she had a lot more but I treated her gently. No water, oil ,etc leaks. The handover with Ben went smoothly and I must admit the workmanship on the rear windows is second to none in fact for a 53 year old she looks amazing. 

Thanks to the team at John Brown 4x4 I will certainly recommend you to anybody looking for a classic Land Rover®.

EJD makes it to France!


The avid watchers of our blog will have seen Robin collecting EJD last week, and I am delighted to say he made it without issue all the way to Southern France! See the testimonial below:

Dear John and Ben. EJD (now known to kids as Nessie) made it to France without missing a beat. Engine and gearbox really good. Very pleased. 

Arrival photo and new home attached!

More feedback from Portugal.....


Sorry for being slow getting back to you. 

Firstly: the blue series is just PERFECT. You did an amazing job!!

Secondly: Clem is being put to good use as a surf mobile here in Portugal as you can see!!! She turns so many heads and I have had a constant barrage of questions about where I got her.

Your Warranty- when things do not go to plan


Hi John,

I just wanted to write to say a big thank you to you, Ben and the team for the warranty work completed on OAJ.

When I first noticed the 4 wheel drive issue after having OAJ for a week or so, I was initially concerned that it could lead to a big repair bill as I was nervous about what the 3  month warranty would actually cover. However, as soon as I got in touch to report the issue, I was immediately reassured that I would be looked after and the issue resolved.

After picking it up this morning, complete with recon gearbox and diff, I couldn’t be more happy. Not only is the 4 wheel drive issue resolved but the recon box is so much smoother making the driving experience even more enjoyable and I have the peace of mind of knowing that almost all of the driveline has been ‘done’ and it will hopefully see me right for years ahead. As a side benefit, the new speedo cable fitted with the recon ‘box has also sorted out OAJs previously lethargic speedometer and it now reads spot on.

Looking after your customers in this way is a huge credit to all at John Brown 4x4 and it is easy to see why you’ve build such a good reputation. I particularly appreciated Ben’s superb knowledge and helpfulness by jumping straight in to diagnose the issue despite having a lot of other work in process.

Thanks once again for the excellent customer service.

Best Regards,

p.s. feel free to post this on your testimonials page if you’d like.

Ed drops us a line about RYD


Dear John,

Firstly, many apologies for the delay in writing, but what with the excitement of the Lightweight arriving over the weekend and a busy day at work today, this is the first chance I have had to say a big thank you to you and the team for preparing and delivering the Lightweight.

The vehicle is fantastic (the photos didn’t really do it justice) and we are delighted with it. Also, given the amazing weather, we have been able to really enjoy driving it around the country roads our house.

Ben was terrific and really helpful in explaining everything when he delivered it to us on Saturday.

Thank you so much for everything (and for putting up with all of my questions throughout the process).

Thank you once again.



BFE is being enjoyed by its new owners



Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks and that Ben did a great job handing over the car on Saturday. 

We drove the car from Masham to Angelsea on Sunday morning and the car did not miss a beat. We took it easy and it coped well. 

Thanks so much and I have already sent a few friends on to your website. 

Thanks again 

JUB reaches New Zealand


Morning John,
just to confirm that the vehicle was released to me by MPI/IVS New Zealand this morning without any hitches and appears to have suffered no ill effects from its sea journey. In fact when I went  pick it up there were 3 brand new Japanese SUVs in front of it which needed to be moved but none of them would start and had to be pushed out of the way. The Landie on the other hand started on the button and went up onto the transporter under its own power. And I swear I heard it snigger.
Very many thanks for all your assistance, still got low volume assessment to go as it’s more than 20 years old, but at the end of the day it’s a Land Rover originally built by Land Rover and it’s still essentially a Series 3 so I don’t anticipate any issues. The assessor has already accepted the fact that at the point of civilian registration it must have already been converted to RHD and has continued to be registered and certified as safe to drive ever since.

Egan collects Ollie....


Good morning John Brown Jr...

Well.start off with an apology..for not getting back to you..about my return trip in Ollie.

Anyway....Ollie is running fabulously...I'm so very pleased with my purchase..very pleased..

It ran..perfectly..all the way home...and on all the little jaunts I've had here starts..'instantly' every time...without fail...hasn't used a drop of oil since I've had it.....I am so so very very happy with my purchase...  

Well John..I can't thank-you enough for the great experience..dealing with you..and your crew....tell Ben thank you for all his help over the has run..'Absolutely faultless..and thank him from me..for his enthusiastic help....

I had so much whooping and tooting coming down the driver pulling along-side..with his passenger window..wound down....shouted across.."good on you mate..lovely to see it on the road". Which makes You feel just great.....

I headed for Nottingham..crossed over to uttoxiter..Stafford..then Newport (shrop). called in on a friend there..left  at gone mid-nite..and walked in my door here at home at just gone 6 am..(I did have to do a temporary power nap,as was going drowsy..) on this leg...over the welsh hills...!

John...the Land-Rover is just lovely..and I'm thrilled with it...
So one very happy customer..
Ps..I will definitely call in to see you all..when I'm up your way..just to say 'hello'....and tell you all about my adventures that i i have planned with Ollie..and how it's running..etc..

ORR finds a warmer climate...


We were delighted to hear from Chris about our special edition Land Rover®, which he has taken to his holiday home in Portugal. Chris has purchased a few vehicles from us, including a bespoke rebuild for his home in London. Find his testimonial below...

Hi John,

Thought you might like to see this!

Drove her down to Portugal this week! Cheated a bit by taking the ferry to Santander but over 600 miles of driving totally trouble free. Thank you!! She is perfect for Portugal as you can see.

Joe gets in touch about MTG


As promised please find attached a pic of MTG in her new Provençal home. Hopefully Adrian will look after her as any classic Land Rover owner would. The journey down, door to door, was almost exactly 1000 k, or 650 miles. 

All the best



Dear John (s), and the whole team,

I just wanted to say thanks for the help and advice you've given me in my purchase of PBT. I couldn't have had better support and advice and I only wish all garages worked to that level of customer service.

I'm so pleased with my purchase... almost as much as my grandson, Harry, who is a confirmed landrover-holic. He even made me wash it on return home after a very wet and mucky maiden voyage...photographic evidence attached!

Can't recommend you all enough for great service, expert advice and genuine helpfulness. I'll definately be back for servicing and upgrades.

Best wishes,



Chris drops us a line about his new purchase


John, John Jr,

Just a quick update to say UFL arrived here Tuesday and how impressed I am with it! 

Really appreciate the time and effort put into the whole process and getting me exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again,


Robert Young


John (senior),

Good to meet you yesterday and pick up ARE. Trip south was about 6 hours (including stops) with maximum speed 53 mph and mostly less than 50. Some respect on the A1(M) but that disappeared by the time I was on the M25. A filthy night to be out on the road but everything worked fine.

My wife likes her but she laughed when I could not get her into the garage (too tall). I reduced pressure in the back tyres, propped the garage door higher with some timber and now she’s safe indoors. 

John Glenn


Good afternoon John

HHR 256K arrived here at the Tower, on Tuesday afternoon. I haven't had any free time to try it, until today. Having now done so, I am happy to say, it drove very well.

Dealing with John Brown 4x4 has been a pleasurable experience. 

Kind regards

A Warranty Testimonial - Gareth & FVN


Dear John, 

Buying a vehicle from a distance was a bit nerve racking for me but when I spoke to you and your team I was very reassured by your passion and knowledge of the Land rover Brand. I felt like I was buying into the John Brown family too and would be looked after.

Having receiving the 2a and enjoying it for a couple of days it over heated, suspected gasket I was gutted and resigned myself to facing everyone who said
‘your mad buying an old Landie you’ve not seen from someone you don’t know'
Well I didn’t. 

I bought my beautiful 2a from a good friend who’s really has looked after me and exceeded my already high expectation of John Browns customer service. 
Having seen the pictures of the extra work and parts you have bejeweled her with to make sure she will be sweet to me on my return to the UK in December at 
no extra cost.

I am mightily impressed with your standards and conduct, its seldom seen in most business let alone the car trade.

Honesty good humor and empathy go along way to create a happy family and I am honored to be now part of yours John Brown thank you.

Guy gets in touch


We were delighted to hear from Guy, who purchased JOK from us (pictured below). Guy has sent us the following message:


I just wanted to follow up on my purchase of JOK729N. I am absolutely delighted!

The whole process was incredibly smooth from buying (we did the deal while I was in a hotel bar in Kenya - slipped away from dinner between courses and bought a Landrover!), right through to delivery (Ben was outstanding).

The whole family is loving it and we've been out on more than a few gratuitous drives - my son won't be driven in anything else at the moment.

Thanks once again - just brilliant.

We are always here to help even with the little things ....

Hi. Just a quick message to say thank you to your team who helped me out this morning when i needed a replacement oil filter for my series 3 diesel as the filter i had ordered online was the wrong type. Both John Brown Jnr and Ben made sure i left with the correct part. I also enjoyed having a quick nose around some of the vehicles that you had in the unit! 

Many thanks, Alex Walton

Maurice gets in touch about OCK!


Just a note to say thanks to you all at John Brown 4+4 and to Ben. Delighted with OCK following a great hand over from Ben. Got her taxed then a run round our local area and through Melrose. Stopped at our fishing beat on the Tweed where she was greatly admired. 



It was lovely to hear from Malcolm who sent us an update on his rebuild which we completed last year....

I jut thought I would update you on HSL381W which you restored for me last year. I was at the 2017 Scottish Transport Extravaganza at Glamis Castle at the weekend where HSL was defending its title after winning the Best Concours Land Rover in 2016. I am delighted  to say it won 1st place again this year! It drew lots of interest with many people admiring it and commenting on the quality of the work. It will also be shown at Scone Palace in September where it has been invited to compete in the Champion of Champions class so hopefully we do well there too. I am really enjoying the Land Rover, and the new lease of life it has is brilliant. It drives like it would have done when just out the factory and I am really enjoying using it as it should be, and attending the odd show. Thanks again Malcolm

Reuben's 1st Outing with Julie!


Dear John and the team,

Hope all is well your end, just a couple of pictures from Reuben's first vintage vehicle show in Alton on Sunday 18th June. We'll keep you posted on further adventures!

Sophie and Tom


It was lovely of Sophie to share this with us......she was recently married close to us, and used her father's Series 1 (which we rebuilt for him) to get to the church. What a treat! We wish Sophie and her husband a very happy marriage!

Afternoon John, 

You did a nut & bolt job on this Series 1 for my dad last year. We got married last month and it looked amazing. Thought you may want to use it for you social media? 

Thanks  Tom & Sophie Waters 



We were delighted to be able to assist Julie to find the Land Rover® of her dreams - she learned to drive in a 109, and looked to get another now to relive those times. She was pensive about driving it home, due to the distance - which is always a considered move in an old vehicle! This is what she sent us!

Hi everyone, just letting you know that "Rueben" (you might know him as RBX 297S!) arrived home safely last night after a very long drive home using as many country lanes as possible. Reuben behaved impeccably, although same can not be said for me following an unplanned tour of York city centre !  Looking forward to many adventures with him - as soon as we got home entered him in a local event planned for this Sunday (pics of his first proper outing will follow). Julie

Mark gets in touch about DGJ!


Hi John,

A quick update on DGJ.

 We have used him (Lars) most days trundling around the North Cotswold. Everyone is very impressed by his condition and the local Land Rover garage described him as an “absolute gem”.

He starts first time even after some cold nights.So thank you again for providing a great classic car and for someone who knows nothing about cars, bullet proof peace of mind.

All the best





Got home fine. No obvious leaks or issues. Now on way back up North! Thanks very much for looking after us. Terry



Hi John

Just wanted to drop you and the team a quick note to thank you for making the purchase of my lightweight so easy. From the original enquiry on the website which received a very prompt response, via various phone calls and a visit to you prior to the delivery last weekend, everything was completed without problem. I think I mentioned when I visited I wanted to check the vehicle over but I need not have worried as it is exactly as you described. Thanks also for the lift to/from the station to meet my  train.

Have already been out and about a couple of times around the roads in the New Forest and received several complimentary comments - picture attached is modern and classic side by side on the drive in it’s new home.

Thanks again for all your assistance.




Many years ago I decided that if I could ever afford it I would either buy a Land Rover® or a camper van. I spent several years in the Territorial Army and fell in love with Landies.

A couple of years ago my father died, not the happiest event of my life, but the silver lining was that I inherited half his house. After a bit of online research I found OWV. Camper? Land Rover®? Why take two bottles into the shower? It was love at first sight, and the testimonials of other customers impressed me. 

I went there, I bought her, and drove her home. Christmas was spent sleeping on my brothers drive with my dog and I'm looking forward to lots of adventures in the New Year. 

Ben and the team were fantastic, the lift to the station was particularly appreciated, and the vehicle is in ridiculously good nick for her 43 years. 

An old mate and one of my cousins are currently looking for Land Rovers®. I've not hesitated to recommend this dealer. 





Dear John and team,

I wanted to write in to thank you for the good experience of purchasing my lightweight ‘FKG’ from you. The car was as described, very complete and drives well. No wonder you wanted this one yourselves to be a ‘keeper’!

All communications on the purchase process were dealt with promptly, honestly and fairly.

Delivery from Yorkshire was carried out professionally and the handover was comprehensive from a very knowledgeable person who knows Series Land Rovers inside out. Its new life will be spent out and about regularly including trips to a local ex RAF airfield where it will fit in very well with all the vintage aircraft there. It already has one request to appear next year at a forces reunion event which is testament to its original look and condition. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Charles H



John, Ben and Sam,

Many thanks for the help, advice and fun in buying our first series three. Its great fun and the family love it. Your help and knowledge really helped me chose the right land rover. Once again many thanks and I will be popping in for cuppa in the very near future.

Kind regards Rich and family

Lee Smith


Dear John

May I thank you and your staff for the honest and professional conduct I experienced when purchasing my Series 3 Land Rover from you.

I must admit that it is the first time I have ever bought a vehicle without actually physically seeing it or test driving it and so I was relying on honest answers to my questions and it soon become evident to me that you are a very professional business.

I took delivery of my new purchase this morning by Ben who was extremely helpful and showed me all he had to on the vehicle and answering any questions.

Overall a very good experience and I hope to enjoy my Landy for many years to come, if or when I want to purchase another one I will definitely come to you and will also recommend you to any of my friends who may be looking to purchase a similar vehicle

Thank you once again and best regards,



West Wales




We were delighted to hear from John this morning regarding AFR, the vehicle below. John bought from us unseen, relying on our honest descriptions and our reputation for selling vehicles unseen to customers:

"Dear John & Team Land Rover delivered as promised. The vehicle is great and I am really looking forward to using and getting to know it. Ben who delivered the Land Rover was great he kept me informed as to his progress and delivered at a convenient time. Ben also spent loads of time with me going through the operation & checks I should make. Thanks for making this a really easy purchase and spending so much time with me to make sure I was happy. Regards John"

Malcolm's Bespoke Rebuild wins Best in Show...


To those of you who keep an eye on what we do, you will know that alongside preparing and selling stock, we also rebuild from the ground up.  This service is highly sought after, and we currently have a 12 month waiting list. 

One of our previous customers is Malcolm, who contacted us with a view to using this service for his vehicle. Malcolm has owned his series for a long time, and wanted to have it nicely restored, so he could continue to enjoy it. He made enquiries to several outfits, gaining quotations for the work. When we submitted our quote he questioned why it was the most expensive he had received - we told him about the thorough nature of what we do, and once his mind was put at rest he made the difficult decision to entrust us with his beloved truck.

Malcolm gave us a deadline as he wanted to show his vehicle, so we promptly collected it and, following a meeting where we got our heads together to make a detailed plan, the rebuild commenced. Once  a full strip down was completed, all parts were refurbished or replaced, and bolted back together onto a new galvanised chassis. Malcolm was particularly keen to maintain the originality, so care was taken to present it as it would have been back in the day. This involved painting the chassis black prior to rebuild, so it looked authentic. As usual, all the cappings were regalvanised, and many hours of preparation to the body was applied prior to a really nice paint job. We KNEW the resulting vehicle would be stunning, but obviously Malcolm was just working from what we had told him. We are so confident in our rebuilds that we told Malcolm that he would not need to come and see it - so we carried out the thorough "shake down" post build, polished and cleaned it, and put it on a lorry bound for Scotland.  When Malcolm saw his newly rebuilt wagon, we are led to believe he was a little taken back. WE remember the conversation we had with him, where he said he had expected it to look nice, but hadn't quite understood just how good it was going to look. As usual, we were delighted that he was delighted too - and how could'nt he be, with such a beautiful vehicle? Anyway, we received a lovely email from Malcolm this week, saying that he was enjoying taking the old girl to shows - in fact he had just attended one in Scotland, and had won Best Land Rover® in show!  If you are considering using us to rebuild your cherished family heirloom then read on, as this is what he said!  We wish Malcolm many happy years of ownership of his superb Series 3 !

Good Morning Thank you very much for sending out the newly painted spare wheel so quickly for my Land Rover, it looked great and I fitted it in time for the show. I took HSL 381W, which was restored by you this year, to the Scottish Transport Extravaganza 2 day event at Glamis Castle at the weekend. There were lots of lovely Land Rovers on display from all over the country, including the Earl of Strathmores private collection of early series land rovers, Land Rover clubs, and private entries from concours restored Series 1s, to SIIa Carmicheal  Fire Engines, forward controls and totally original patina Series 1-3s. I was delighted when HSL was awarded "Best Land Rover in Show"! It drew lots of admiration all day with everyone commenting on how good the restoration was and how much detail had gone into it, and how the vehicle was as good as, if not better than new. The judges were extremely impressed and even spent a long time crawling in the mud underneath it to inspect the chassis and fittings! I am so glad we decided to paint the galvanised chassis black during the rebuild it looks really good with the new stainless bolts and fittings.  I also picked up the 1st prize for the Regularity Run so it was a very good weekend! I have attached some photos, unfortunately it didn't stop raining hard all weekend so the photos aren't great. Thanks again for all your help. Best Regards Malcolm

Victoria, Pete and Will


Hi, we bought XUX 121K from you in November, thought i'd send you some photos so you can see what it's been up to since we've had it! 

We get so many lovely comments about the old bird!!We always sing your praises when anyone asks us about where we got it! Our friends couldn't believe we bought 'blind' but we had only read good things about your company online so we really weren't worried at all!! And it paid off we've got a lovely Landy that's got quite a little fan club in our village and Petes work.

Stephen and Jane


Originally we went to John Brown to look at a Series three Land Rover, which I had seen on their website. After driving a Defender 90 for the last 12 years I thought it would be fun and quiet quirky to own an older model. We met Ben who is the workshop manager who was more than helpful and took us out for a test drive, although beautiful and very exciting it did not take long for us to realise the practicalities of running our businesses with this vehicle.

On returning to the garage Ben pointed out a 20 year old Defender 90 that had been renovated to a good standard, we then took it for a test drive and the rest is history. We picked her up two weeks later with a good part ex deal for our old Defender, on arriving home we realised that two of the doors did not lock properly, so we called and were told to take the car back at the next available opportunity where they installed two new locks. I now feel that we have a relationship with a company who understand and love Land Rover's and would not hesitate in using them again,they are a tight family owned business and we would recommend anybody searching for a Land Rover especially a series Landy to look no further than John Brown.

Kindest regards Stephen, Jane and Sappie the Whippet




Sorry for not being in touch sooner, my internet went down at the weekend and I have only just got it back working.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done on the Land Rover it is fantastic! It is so much better than I ever expected and the photos of the restoration in progress is great as it shows how much work and detail went into it. 

You completed so much in such a short time! Everything was spot on from the moment I came down and met you all and discussed the works, you kept me fully informed and up to date with progress, everything was perfect right down to when it was delivered all gleaming and like new! I will be using it, but will also be showing it and expect it to do very well at all the shows, the restored by John Brown badge was really nice so I have attached it under the land rover badge on the back.

I will send some photos of it out and about to you soon, and will let you know how it does at any shows.

John and Wilma


Wilma and I managed to ferry LRM the 320 miles or so from Thirsk to Callander without incident (or rain!). 

I've attached a pic of LRM just inside Scotland (LRM, not me, obviously), near Kirk Yetholm. 
Bring it on!



Hi Simon and John,

Please see attached.  A slightly earlier version of the new Evoque!

I want to thank you both for your respective contributions.  I am incredibly grateful for the effort and care that has gone in and your ability to cope with my constant prodding to improve and tweak something!

She does look very smart – even for a foggy 7am photo on my smart phone!  When the sun is right and a decent camera this really is a good looking vehicle.

I like the little text and photos on your website – as you know my wife is now hungry for one like this too now!  I suspect after it is on the beach this summer there will be a longer queue to follow.

Thank you both.  You are my mini-hero’s for today!


Celia & Mike



E375 HPX Land Rover 90 

When we saw E375 HPX a Land Rover 90 with power steering in Stornoway Grey it was love at first 

sight, it had been listed just 24 hours. Contacting John was like talking with an old friend and in 10 

minutes the deal was done, and John, as always, had the patience of a saint with all the questions 

that I asked him.

Having bought ‘Lady Lilly’ our 1972 Series 3 109 Station Wagon, from John and Lisa last May, I had 

total trust in them, I didn’t have to be concerned that I had not seen HPX because they work their 

magic as only they can and we are safe in the knowledge that they are experts at what they do, and 

they do it all with a caring attitude, effort and hard work. They really are very special people. To say 

that one highly recommends them seems rather inadequate.

On Friday 18th March, much to the family’s delight HPX arrived in style on the back of Ben’s 

transporter using the excellent door to door delivery service, you can’t ask for more. 

HPX is now affectionately known as ‘Sir Basil’ (Gentleman Farmer). He does look rather dashing with 

his new Tyres, Sidesteps and Lamp Guards. He even has a new stereo so he can listen to ‘The 

Archers’. He and ‘Lady Lilly’ are now sitting on the drive looking rather splendid and all thanks to 

John, Lisa and the crew at John Brown 4x4.

A special thanks to Chad for the grand job he did in detailing and finishing. 

Thank you all for your help and understanding; it really is very much appreciated.

My Very Best Wishes 

From Celia.

Robin & Carolyn


Hi John & Lisa.

As promised, attached are a couple of photos of WGN enjoying her new life in Essex.

More than happy for you to use these on your website, alongside the original pictures that you have. If you want to add some words of appreciation, then feel free to edit/use this short story!

We bought WGN, having not had the chance to visit Thirsk to see her, with a simple online transaction. Having opened the workshop on his day off, Ben met us at the station and his enthusiasm, knowledge of the vehicle and good humour were all very welcome. There’s always a risk buying an old vehicle, however well prepared for sale. Unfortunately, WGN didn’t make it all the way back to Essex on the return journey! No panic: as soon as we contacted John, he put our minds at rest. WGN was returned to Thirsk, with the help of the AA, so the John Brown team could have a good professional look at her. We were given two options: a replacement of the original Series II engine or a 200 Tdi transplant. We opted for the latter, all under warranty, and also commissioned at the same time – with expert advice from John – the fitting of an overdrive at our cost. As a result WGN would be more suitable for our planned long journeys. WGN is now home in Essex, running beautifully, with the inevitable and enjoyable tinkering that comes with owning a classic Land Rover!

I’m sure we’ll be in touch in due course. There’s bound to be another question from us at some point!

Kind regards,

Robin & Carolyn



Hi John and LisaHope you are both well.Thought you might like the photo of the kids and the dog in the back of the Landy last summer!I was thinking of fitting free wheeling front hubs on to my Series III.  Is there any particular brand that you recommend?  I presume it's not a massive job?We are back up in Thirsk for Easter again this year so might pop in to see you - don't worry we will check it's convenient first!Love the Range Rover classic you've got in stock - if only I had the spare pennies!All the best




"I had enormous pleasure in buying a Land Rover Defender from John Brown 4X4recently.  Not only did I find John and his team tremendously polite and courteous but also exceedingly passionate and enthusiastic about LandRovers.  Their detailed knowledge was also second to none and they went out of their way to be helpful but at the same time were not pushy or anxious to make a sale.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wanted to buy a Land Rover or needed help with their existing old 'Landy'.



I really can't thank you enough for your help, I've never had such fantastic service from a company before and will always be a return customer due to the service and quality of the vehicles you sell. Will speak to you at 12 tomorrow.



It was lovely to chat to Mark this morning, who called with an emergency problem with a Series 3 he bought privately. We were able to give him advice over the telephone and he very kindly sent us this message. We are glad we were able to help!

Hi John, just wanted to thank you for the (free!) advice you gave me this morning with my weird newbe question about my fan blower switch!
I just wished you were down here in Kent!
Happy new year, Mark Jefferson

Mike & Rita


Dear John, Lisa, Ben and the team,

Thank you all for making our visit to your collection so enjoyable yesterday. 

Having driven almost 250miles the previous day in order to see the vehicles, I was keen not to have a poor experience.  I was not disappointed.

It was a pleasure to see the vast range of classic Land Rovers all on one site and in such excellent condition.  I had been searching web sites for sometime and thought that yours seemed to be the most comprehensive and the ability to chat online was a bonus.  However the good website is,  it is the stock that a place that sells that is the real test of the company.  Well, your stock just blew my mind!  It transported me back through the last 55 years of my life, especially when I sat in the series 1.  I never expected to see the range that I did and not only that but the knowledge, helpfulness, honesty and integrity of all of you was second to none.  I had had many experiences over the years where people are able to 'talk the talk' but are unable to answer the most basic questions when asked.

Nothing was too much trouble.  Any query was answered truthfully and with knowledge that comes through experience of 'hands on' and not through reading a manual.

I have heard of places going 'the extra mile'  but you all would do a marathon and still keep going if it were needed.

My wife and I haven't stopped talking about the visit and how much we enjoyed it.  (It has to be said that she is not a Land Rover enthusiast at all, so to get her to even look was a miracle.)

John Brown 4x4 certainly offers excellent service and deserves to continue having every success in the future.  All I can say is that potential customers should not bother with the rest when you are the best!

I hope that your open day went well and you achieved all that you wanted.

Very many thanks to you all and with very good wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mike (and Rita)



Very friendly and helpful people who know Land Rovers® inside out. Nothing is too much effort and there is no pressure. If you’re looking for your next Landy John Brown 4x4 is the place to start

Thanks for your help John




Many thanks to John Brown 4x4 for their help in getting me a fairey overdrive for my little series 1. Overdrive now fitted and working like a gem, great to be back on the road again, its been a pleasure doing business with you, regards to all,

Tommy Moore.

Robert Kelly


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at John Brown 4x4.

I purchased my first ever series landy (2a) from them this October.

I did loads and loads of shopping about but kept coming back to John's site. Everyone else out there had similar or worse off cars but for thousands more?

This being my first classic Land Rover I was pretty nervous about the whole process, but after messaging John on the site I had a call back from him that day and he was more than happy to talk me through every part of the car and others he had to offer..... My deposit was paid there and then.

I travelled up from the south coast with a trailer to collect my new landy and was met by Ben at the show room. Ben was very good at talking me through the car and after a short test drive she was on the trailer. Ben and the others at the shop were a true credit to the company. Professional, dedicated and charismatic characters- made this the happiest car buying experience I have ever had.

I haven't had a single problem with the car but I am happy to know help and years worth of experience is on the other end of the phone with anyone from John's team should a problem arise.

I will be saving up from now on for a series one.....and it will only be coming from John Brown 4x4.

Robert Kelly

Colin and Judith


Hi everyone at John Brown 4x4, hope you are all well.
It has been a few months since we purchased our Series 3 diesel (aka Bertie) from you in May. As you know things didn't start off all that well, on her maiden trip she cut out 3 times and eventually limped home. After a couple of similarly eventful journeys John and I exchanged calls during which he convinced me that it wouldn't be anything too serious and agreed that Mark would come and retrieve her and take her back to your workshops. After bleeding the fuel system and replacing the water pump Bertie was returned to us on the back of Mark's lorry. That was early June……….

Since her return Bertie has not looked back and has been used continuously. We have had great fun and enjoyed the summer driving around the country lanes.

Our thanks go to you and the team both for the initial sale but most importantly for the way that you dealt with the problems that we encountered when the landy was originally delivered. It was a great example of going that extra mile to give great customer service.

All the best, Colin & Judith



Hi everyone at John Brown 4x4, hope you are all well.

You may remember I purchased my Lightweight from you early last month. As a first time owner of an 'older' Land Rover I was a little nervous buying over the phone without actually seeing the vehicle however I'm please to say the vehicle is just as you described it.

Im grateful for the time Ben took to go round, over and under the vehicle with me on collection.

We are doing some work to ensure it stays as good, as the chassis is orginial we have treated it to a clean and coat of paint and have a few other small jobs planned.

Thanks once again,





Thank you for being so flexible with the collection arrangements and staying late after my difficult journey to collect the Land Rover.

I loved how she looked, you have done an amazing job in resorting the series 2, she looked stunning and brand new. All that said I must admit, given the age of the car, I was a little worried leaving on the 300km drive home as her maiden trip. Much to my delight she was a dream all the way home and attracted several waves on the motorway and at petrol stations.

Now having been home for a week and a bit and driving locally I really have found the car a delight and everyone keeps talking about the her.

Thank you so much and rest assured she will be well looked after.



Not sure if you remember me, but I bought a Series 3 off you in May - I came up with my daughter and drove it up to Scotland. My Land Rover is going brilliantly. It is now firmly established on the Isle of Barra and the family love it (especially the dog - I will send a photo of her enjoying the view shortly).



Dear John, Lisa and Ben

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we are enjoying PWJ190K. We have just come back from taking her on a 2 week holiday to the seaside in North Norfolk where she coped admirably with transporting 3 children, 2 adults, 5 beach chairs, a beach shelter, a large cool box, picnic, three body boards, 3 wet suits and numerous buckets and spades to the beach on a regular basis. All that and it meant that our other car stayed sand free for the holiday!

Everywhere she goes she receives numerous compliments and lots of interest.

Brian & Anne


Hi John & Ben.

Thank you both for ensuring our purchase went smoothly today and for your time spent with us describing details and answering my queries about the Landy, it was an enjoyable afternoon reviewing and road testing with no rush,

We took the landrover a run around Thirsk then headed for Sutton Bank which presented no challenge, on return we spent an enjoyable evening in a local Hotel,

Saturday afternoon we had a trouble free run back home to Scotland, this Landy is now named 'Sutton '

Thank you both for all your help in providing a memorable experience down in Yorkshire, we wish you all the best for the future,

Brian & Anne Melville.

Chris and Verity


Hi John Brown Jr, Just to let you know we made it back to Kent with the Ambulance no major problems. Engine did cut out on Dartford bridge but swapped over tanks and away it went again. Swapped it back later with no problems. Now at home sorting through all the medical stuff. Many thanks for your time and trouble when we came up, much appreciated.

Chris & Verity




YVC 336K 1972 Land Rover 109 series 3 Station Wagon.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I phoned John Brown 4x4 to ask about purchasing a Land Rover from them, I'm not used to making a large purchase by phone especially when I have not seen the item, so if anyone else feels the same way I did let me put your minds at rest.

From the very start I was put at ease, John talked me through how the purchasing worked, once the purchase was concluded we discussed some of the things I might want changed like new seats and seatbelts, nothing was too much effort for them, they say they are going to do it and it's done, they went far more than the extra mile for me, I cannot praise them highly enough they are consummate professionals, their expertise is second to none, their exuberance rubs off on the customer and they are so easy to talk to that you feel as though you have known them forever, I asked John lots of questions, he was so patient with me, he is an absolute 'Star' and so on Friday 21st June 2015 dressed in Blue and Cream "Lady Lilly" as she is affectionately known travelled south and arrived at her new home in East Sussex looking every bit the lady she is, my husband Mike said he felt like a little boy waiting for Father Christmas to arrive, he keeps looking out the window at her and saying "she's lovely - she's beautiful", added to that with her 200Tdi engine she drives like a dream.

Thanks to John, Lisa, Ben and Chad's understanding and hard work she is beautiful and already much loved! John and Lisa are great people who run their business on good old fashioned honourable standards; it's so refreshing, if only all businesses could be run like John Brown 4x4.

Thank you for everything.



Hi John,

How do?

FFA 551Y is going great guns and we're having a lot of fun with her. She spends the summer stripped down and the kids love her.



Dear John & Lisa
Thank you so much for all the help you have given me in choosing my new LandRover.
I have not stopped smiling since I took it home and sit there preying for the sun to shine so I can go for another spin.
I can't believe the amount of waves I get and as soon as you park you get people over telling me what a fantastic job I've done but don't worry I let them know it was down to you guys.
Once again thank you it was a pleasure spending money with you.



Just a quick email to say thank you for being so straight forward in purchasing my land rover for you to restore. I put an ad online and was contacted by Lisa. After agreeing a sale over the phone the money was in my account almost immediately . Three days later you came and collected the vehicle as promised. This was an extremely easy sale and I would recommend selling to john brown 4x4. There was no tyre kicking or sucking of teeth! Good luck with the restoration.




  • I write as the extremely happy owner of a Landrover Defender 90 (circa 1991). She is named Black Beauty and deservedly so. Bought from Lisa, John, Ben etc. from their amazingly clean, highly organised and happy premises just outside Thirsk.
  • BB (Black Beauty) is in immaculate condition, with new galvanised chassis, s/steel exhaust and all sorts of Last for Ever improvements. Ben worked
  • incredibly hard ( over a weekend I believe) to put sliding glass windows into the back, this has made
  • BB brighter and lighter somehow. BB loves going out with me and cruises v.happily on Motorway and, of course, along country lanes and rough tracks.. I used to drive Landrovers years and years ago, but was temporarily dazzled by the contemporary brand of 4 X 4's. Now that I am back in the safe and comforting, reliable and substantial of a proper 4 x 4 ..everything, somehow, feels right with the world. THANK YOU for being straightforward and open in all our dealings. Thank you for doing the additional jobs I wanted at very short notice. How good it feels to have a happy, fun and safe LONG relationship with BB ahead!



We recently sold a vehicle to Brad and his lovely family. He took the train up to drive his wagon home, but unfortunately he encountered some misfire problems and decided to return to us whilst we were open, in the hope that we could rectify the fault. The misfire had not shown up on test, and as with so many of these minor problems, they do not come to light until they have been run for a sustained period under load. We tried our best to get Brad going again, but the odds were stacked against us, as he had a very "new looking" fuel pump that was failing intermittently. That problem we identified and sorted, but we had also fitted a new coil at the point of sale, to help in future reliability, so that no further problems would occur....but little did we know that the brand new coil fitted was faulty....we had even thought of this and tried another new coil....but due to a faulty batch, where all the coils broke down at revs, we were left very puzzled as to the nature of the misfire.

When we looked at vehicle again the following day, and after doing some logical thinking, we tried a different branded coil, and this cured the problem - very frustrating for everyone involved, not least Brad, who was superb in his attitude towards the problem - this was no doubt helped by the fact that Brad had owned Land Rovers® in the past and understood that small problems can occur at any time.

Brad is now up and running and sent us a few words regarding his purchase. We felt it was important to publish this testimonial despite the problems that occurred, in the spirit of fairness and honesty ; values which we hold dear in business. We wish Brad and his family a long and happy relationship with their new truck!

Dear John, Lisa and Ben

Just a quick note to thank you all for the excellent service you gave in connection with the purchase of our new Series III. Obviously it was disappointing not to be able to drive the vehicle home on the day we intended but the effort and sheer hard work put in by both John and Ben to try and get me back on the road were beyond criticism.

It was so obvious that you tried everything to fix the problem and were, if anything, more disappointed than I was that you couldn't fix the problem on the day. The fact that it was a deffective replacement part and that you had the problem fixed by the next working day must have been doubly frustrating.

I cannot praise you highly enough for the service you offered. The journey back home on Friday was fine and we have had great fun polishing her up this weekend and taking her for a few spins. We are very happy with her and the kids love it in the back.

Duchess in Jersey!


A few years ago we sold this vehicle to PJ in Jersey. He sent us this photo and these words the other day!

Still working!

Used every weekend and 93k on the clock so far!

Geoff & Julie


Hi John and Lisa,

Just a quick note to confirm that XLH (aka "Dennis") made the 260 mile journey to East Sussex with no issues whatsoever. Seems from looking at the previous MOT's that he was actually coming home, the last few MOTs were all done with about 30 miles of where we live, Dennis is in fact a southerner !

Everyone who has seen Dennis is very impressed, and we are delighted with him. Thanks again for a great car, and great service.

Geoff & Julie.



Morning John & Ben

A massive thankyou for the hard work you did on the 109 exc , I had a smile on my face all the way home, it brought back alot of happy memories of my series 1. She drove faultlessly all the way home , but the driver could do with a few lessons on how to drive a proper car!!! The first job for exc was picking up the kids from school, a big wow from them both, & spoilt for choice for where to sit. So you can definately say that the landy is a big part of the family already & fits in the garage .....just. Thanks again and thought your blog on exc was great.





The tyres and windows make a big difference, what a VERY smart looking vehicle XLH is now.

Please pass on our thanks to Ben for showing us XLH when we came up, he was very knowledgable and helpful, which confirmed our decision to buy from you was right.

See you soon now,


Mark and Kirsten


Dear John and team ,

thankyou once again for a great professional and friendly service.

We enjoyed meeting you all last Saturday in Sowerby.

The drive back to King George docks went very well and the Land Rover is residing back near Amsterdam airport in my car bank.

I had her up and running on Sunday morning and had a brief jaunt . A solid and robust classic ,

best regards from cold Zurich , and we will be in touch regularly to let you know how the car is progressing ,


Mark and Kirsten

Dave and Sue


Hi John and Lisa

Thank you for showing us the Land rover yesterday which we thoroughly enjoyed. When you exchange the parts over would you put the old parts in a box please so I can display them on my workshop wall? In the attachment there are 2 photos choose which you prefer or you can use both of them.

It was lovely to meet Sue and David yesterday. Below are some photographs of their catering wagon which will be pulled by the Vintage Land Rover® they have purchased from us. Before they take delivery, together we have created a jobs list to ensure the vehicle is as reliable as can be for daily use.This will involve a completely new ignition system.... there is nothing wrong with the existing system, but fitting brand new parts will ensure the vehicle will do as it should when required ! This is important as it will be their future business venture.

Dave & Sue's Tasty Bites

We are based on Anglesey in Holyhead at Newry beach, the view from our office window is wonderful, we have a perfect view of the sea front including the Victorian Breakwater which is a great place to visit, and there is also a Maritime Museum to visit too.



Hi John & Ben

Just to let you know despite the weather giving us all four seasons on the way home we arrived safely. Our journey went well, when we stopped for a bite to eat on the way, we had an enquiry to buy. :) At one point we thought we would be adding 2 hours to our journey, but we made the ferry.

The land rover is now tucked away waiting on better weather. My Dad has already started on the minor adjustments. It looks like we will be enjoying many hours working on her.

Many thanks for all your help and patience allowing our inspection before our purchase.

Perhaps we will see you again but at the moment 3 is enough for us.


Michael and Michael



John and Lisa,

Thanks for making buying my new (old) Land Rover such a pleasure, and thanks John for showing me around all your stock. I felt like the proverbial kid in the candy shop. The drive home to Surrey went smooth as can be. No problem cruising at 60-65 mph, in fact less vibration than my P-reg Defender at that speed. In the end, I made it home safely in under 5 hours. My only complaint was slightly chilly feet!

Anyway, thanks again for all your help. I'm looking forward to eventually getting her over to Chicago. I'll definitely be the hit of the neighbourhood with those canvas sides rolled up.

All the best,




We received this lovely email from one of our customers this week. Simon collected his Land Rover® and drove it to Dunblane. This is the first leg of his adventures.....2nd stop is the Isle of Barra!

Apologies, forgot to confirm that all went well once I had sorted out the four wheel drive.

The drive round Edinburgh was interesting, but she behaved well despite being asked to do 200 miles in a day. Billy (as my daughter has christened her) is now residing at Dunblane and will go over to Barra after Easter. We will send you the photos. Meanwhile here she is entering Scotland!!

Thanks for all your help.

Our comments.....As part of our hand over, we demonstrate the use of the red and yellow levers - and once they have been played with, they can only semi re-engage....this happened with the red lever, and it was after stopping and restarting, that it popped into neutral. As a novice, Simon gave us a ring, and we talked him through it - and he was relieved to learn there was not an issue! There rarely is in terms of sudden failure - issues generally slowly emerge over years. Anyway, we are glad that "Billy" behaved, and we look forward to getting some nice photos of her trundling around on the Island!




Hi John

I got safely home it took 7 hours and the Land Rover performed excellently.

It was nearly dark but Lynn and Jojo had a quick look and love her.

Many Thanks for yesterday, everyone made what is usually a pretty fraught time very enjoyable.

Will send some pictures soon.

Kind Regards



We were delighted to welcome Andy to the unit today, to collect his very tidy 90.

Andy served in Iraq, and drove similar vehicles during his career in the forces. We took Andy's Freelander in part exchange, and he swapped over and drove the 90 back down to Kent.



" unusual to find a straight talking - do what I say when I say I will do it kind of team, the best franchise I have done business with in a long time , thanks very much "

Andrew Black





I Love what you do! I am looking at getting a Series Land-Rover so that I can do a lot of the work on it myself. I presently own a Tdci 90 HT which is fantastic and only 30K miles. I have owned Her for 18mts but unfortunately due to a heart bypass & needing new hips, I can no longer do my job, so have to look at reducing my outgoings (money wise). If I could do my own servicing & repairs that would help a lot. Also, I still want to drive a Land-Rover and of all the sites I have been on yours is by "FAR" the best! I have yet to put mine up for sale (which will be hard to do), but when I am in the position to buy a Series, it is you I shall look at to supply it. Well done for all that you do and keep up the good work.

Thanks, G. Cleary



A number of years ago Felicity bought a series 2a from us but due to loss of undercover storage she has decided to part company with her vehicle- a difficult decision for her as she was very fond of it. After her visit this is what she had to say.

It was great to meet today. Gosh, I am still in awe of all that you did for the Green Machine. (Gastrowagon) The level of craftsmanship is staggering. I shall be raving to my friends and family forever about that.

Meeting Lisa and yourself made my day and certainly lessened the trauma of getting out of my land rover and walking away .

Pingu running well


We were delighted to hear from Torgny in Sweden yesterday. He reported that his lovely Series 3 was running well, in the -15 weather they are having at the moment. It looks like the short winter days have encouraged him to fit enormous spot lights to the front end! Not in keeping but perhaps necessary!

Torgny is hoping to acquire another of our vehicles in the near future.



Hi John

We spoke on the phone last Thursday afternoon about the souped-up Series IIa and the Series III OAK, and I paid your workshop a visit on Friday PM but unfortunately you weren't there.

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Ben, who took about 1.5 hours out of his afternoon to talk me through the vehicles I was interested in, and to show me around. In the end, both of the ones I came to view weren't quite right for me in terms of what I was looking for, but I was very taken with the green Series III you had at the back of the shop. Again, Ben was very good and took the time to talk through my options regarding some additional spec I would want to add to meet my requirements. I was really impressed and I just wanted to pass this on as I think people only ever pass on feedback when it's something negative!

As things stand I have a 1986 BMW 635CSI that I need to move on first to make a space in my garage. If and when this sells, I will be sure to be back in touch to see what you have available.

Thanks and best wishes

John Barker



Thank you very much you made it all very easy have just sorted insurance and tax and had first little go very exciting!!

Best wishes




Dear John and Ben

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job the two of you did on my series 3. My landy looks almost good as new, which is quite an achievement considering it's 34 years old! The repairs were conducted quickly, expertly, and at a truly excellent price.

John and Ben really seem to enjoy these lovely old cars; and definitely know their stuff! I will certainly be returning to them for maintenance and good advice in the future.





Resting after a busy day following the jersey drag hunt.

Up to 91,000 miles now and using and loosing hardly any oil... A fab piece of kit

You were right!




A picture below showing Philip about to set off with his new purchase 'HEX999V' his Series 3 truck cab. 'Hex' will be starting a new life in Durham.



Took Nellie ( FWK 438Y) home today , best drive home ever !!!
so pleased with her(she may like me better when I can master putting her in the correct gear!)
Thanks for all your help over this week in taking me through the process.



No problem at all Lisa. Thank you for the fantastic service, never has a sale of a car been so pain free, I have already recommended you to my friend who is looking to buy a landy for her husband. Many thanks





Dear John and Lisa,

I don't normally like giving testimonials but in the case of John Brown 4x4, I really have been amazed by how easy you made the whole process. I hate buying and selling cars. You seem to have found a way of making it simple and painless. You valued and confirmed the price all from e-mailed photographs and transferred funds in the space of a day. No equivocation, fannying about or tortuous haggling, just old fashioned dealing in a take it or leave it fashion. You should run a training college for motor traders! Seriously, I felt from the start that I was dealing with professionals who knew their business. Thank you.

Kindest regards





Just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to say 'Thank You' for the Hassle free dealings we had last week regarding the purchase of my Dads Series 3. I hope you can give it a new lease of life and let someone enjoy her for many more years.

Your service was exceptional and the arranged collection with Mark was excellent and was on time, courteous and helpful. Your communication throughout and fast payment was appreciated.

Many thanks again and I can only say I will recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues if they are looking for Quality Service and Professional dealings if looking to purchase a Classic Land Rover® ( might even be back myself when I can get my 4 x kids sorted out!!)


Ben Butterfield

Anthony Thompson


Dear John

I thought you might like to know that the first 100 miles in Ulysses have gone very well.

Everything you said about Ulysses was spot on. Really happy. I will keep you posted on any adventures undertaken but in the meantime here is a picture in his new home.