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Land Rover Series 2 For Sale - More Information

The Series 2 Land Rover ® replaced Series 1 production in 1958, initially sporting the original 2L engine from the series 1. Once supply ran dry, the 2286cc engine was introduced, which has proven to be a popular and reliable unit ever since. Designs changed over the following years, with the most significant being the moving of the headlights to the wings in 1969 - this model still had the "hard dash" familiar with other Series 2 models. Also introduced at this time was the razor style bonnet, and Maltese grill - later to be followed by the plastic grill, as used on the Series 3.

All Series 2 vehicles have the well respected and strong Series 2 gearbox, with no synchro on 1st or 2nd gear, not an issue to those who drive them regularly, and easy to master. All such vehicles are exempt from road tax, making them a popular choice for collectors and classic enthusiasts.

Prices of this model are steadily rising, reflecting the popularity they command, with condition and specification being the overriding factors in determining values - restored examples, and those with added benefits being most sought after. Such benefits may include an overdrive (more relaxed cruising), free wheeling hubs (increases economy), parabolic springs (improves ride) , kenlowe fan (economy), galvanised chassis (won't rot), range rover diffs (more relaxed cruising)etc.

Galvanised Chassis Land Rover® 

As you will be aware, all Land Rovers ® are built upon a chassis - this chassis is generally made of mild steel, and although strong and robust, will deteriorate over the years. Whilst periodic repair can double the life of a basic chassis, eventually the option is to replace it with a new chassis. These chassis can be replaced with yet another mild steel chassis, but the obvious choice is to fit a new galvanised chassis. A galvanised chassis Land Rover® will be less troublesome to maintain, more desirable and will prolong the life of the vehicle significantly. Galvanised chassis are manufactured by several outfits, new and off the shelf. When we rebuild a "new " vehicle, we always use a new galvanised chassis as the basis for the restoration. For some models, a galvanised chassis replacement is not available. The best method here is to repair the existing chassis, and have it galvanised before re fitting. If you are looking for a galvanised chassis Land Rover ®, we always have several in stock.

Read on for a history of this Classic Land Rover model....

Series 2 88"

The 88-inch Station Wagon followed on from  the 86-inch models in 1954.They were produced from 1958 until 1961. These models were produced with with three forward-facing seats and four inward-facing seats in the rear. It is not possible to determine exactly how many Series II 88-inch Station Wagons were made, because surviving records do not distinguish them from the utility models which shared the same chassis number sequences.

Series 2 109"

The Series II 109 models were introduced at the same time as the 88-inch models. The petrol-engined vehicles had the new 2.25-litre engine. There were 42,032 Series II 109-inch models produced, of which 8,299 had diesel engines.

Series 2a 88"

The Series IIA model was  introduced in 1961 and evolved from the Series 2 models. Early models had their headlights in the grille, but in April 1969 the model switched to wing-mounted headlights.  The 88-inch Series IIA models were available with either the 2.25-litre petrol engine  or with a new diesel engine. From February 1971 they had an all-synchromesh gearbox. Most IIAs came in Bronze Green, but there were six other colours: Beige, Dark Grey, Light Green, Light Grey, Marine Blue and Poppy Red,(red used for fire engines)  Seats were grey until October 1968, when they switched to black. There were 151,820 88-inch Series IIA models (including all Station Wagons). Diesel engines were fitted to just 28,109 (about 18.5 percent) of that total. A seven-seat Station Wagon was available on the Series IIA 88-inch chassis from 1961.

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