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Land Rover Series 1 For Sale - More Information

The Series 1 Land Rover ® was the first of the Classic Land Rovers ®, first built in 1948. The span of production spanned ten years, during which time there were three chassis sizes produced - 80", 86" and finally 88" (as per the Series 2 and 3 of later years). They started life with a 1.6L engine, moving towards the 2.0L in later models. We 

Early Series 1s, especially the 80", command reasonably high values, although any which are either in good condition, or well restored will be a premium. There is a common misconception with these early vehicles that they will either be too primitive to drive, or difficult to maintain, but we find this not to be the case. In fact, some well kept, early examples can be as nice to drive or better than a Series 3 - and parts are mostly available - and failing that, small modifications will allow the fitment of later parts, which are much cheaper and easier to source.

Galvanised Chassis Land Rover ® 

As you will be aware, all Land Rovers ® are built upon a chassis - this chassis is generally made of mild steel, and although strong and robust, will deteriorate over the years. Whilst periodic repair can double the life of a basic chassis, eventually the option is to replace it with a new chassis. These chassis can be replaced with yet another mild steel chassis, but the obvious choice is to fit a new galvanised chassis. A galvanised chassis Land Rover ® will be less troublesome to maintain, more desirable and will prolong the life of the vehicle significantly. Galvanised chassis are manufactured by several outfits, new and off the shelf. When we rebuild a "new " vehicle, we always use a new galvanised chassis as the basis for the restoration. For some models, a galvanised chassis replacement is not available. The best method here is to repair the existing chassis, and have it galvanised before re fitting. If you are looking for a galvanised chassis Land Rover®, we always have several in stock.

Read on for a history of the development of the Series 1... AND a look at our Land Rover ® Series 1's we have sold past and present........

Centre Steer Land Rover ® Prototype - 1947

The first prototype Land Rover ® was built during 1947  The chassis was from  a war surplus Jeep. It had a 1389cc four-cylinder petrol engine. This prototype had its steering wheel in the middle  to avoid having to produce both  RHD and LHD models. It was the steering position found in most tractors. This central steering position soon proved impractical and was not repeated on later prototypes. There is still uncertainty about  how many centre-steer prototype models were produced. The centre steer prototype was most likely dismantled at the Rover factory in the 1950s.

Series 1 80", 1.6 litre.

The first Series 1 Land Rovers ® were constructed between 1948-1950 and retained the 80-inch wheelbase of the prototype models. They all had 1595cc the four-cylinder petrol engine. The transmission consisted of a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on third and fourth gears only, plus a two-speed transfer gearbox. This gave permanent four-wheel drive systems.These Land Rovers ® were  built as basic utilities, with a full-length soft top. 1950 onwards it became possible, to order a truck cab as an optional extra. Vehicles built before June 1949 had Light Green paintwork, and later ones were finished in Bronze Green. The Bronze Green colour scheme was to mark the first deliveries of a large order for the War Department, who had requested this colour. During the first half of 1950, a pre-production batch of 50 vehicles was built sporting prototype 2-litre engines.

Series 1 80" 1948-1951

In 1948 a seven-seater Station Wagon variant of the Land Rover ® was introduced. Its body was  body made by Tickford constructed with alloy panelling over a wooden frame. The early models were produced in Light Green with  the final vehicles produced in the now familiar Bronze Green. This model however never proved a success being too expensive to manufacture and with it being subject to purchase tax as a passenger carrying vehicle. Also the wooden body construction proved inadequate in some climates. This meant the model was withdrawn after a mere 3 years. Only 650 of these were ever built.

Series 1 80", 2 litre

These model variants were produced between 1952-1953. The engine was developed to produce more power and torque. The 1952 and 1953 models were recognised visually by a new radiator grille in the shape of an inverted T. These were also the first Land Rovers ®,  apart from Tickfords,  to have exterior door handles. Bronze Green was the only standard body colour.

Series 1 86"

The growing need for a greater capacity payload saw the introduction of the 86-inch Land Rover to replace the original 80" model.The extra six inches in the wheelbase offered 25 percent extra space . The 86-inch Land Rover was introduced in September 1953 as a 1954 model. Those built in the first year had the original "siamese-bore" 2-litre engine, as used in the final 80-inch types whilst 1955 and 1956 models had the  "spread-bore" type, were cylinder centres repositioned within the block to allow water passages between each pair of bores. These Land Rovers could be provided in four different colours: Bronze Green, Blue, Grey and Beige. Chassis frames on 1954-model 86-inch Land Rovers were painted to match the body, but the 1955 and 1956 models have black chassis.

Land Rover ® Series 1 NOW'S THE TIME.....

NOW'S THE TIME..... There's never been a better time to invest your hard earned money in an early Series 1 Land Rover ®. With inflation beating appreciation, fantastic charm and true British character, it's far better to enjoy your appreciating nest egg, than have a boring 1 percent ISA, or a premium bond scheme that's not as lucrative as it first appears.

We only deal in good quality, well prepared Series 1s - you won't find some rubbish imported from lands afar with bits missing - we know our 80" and have restored them in the past to record breaking end values - in short, we know what we are doing, and feel that your financial investment is safe in our hands. We source the best quality vehicles around, and go to great lengths to ensure they will perform both physically and fiscally for their new owner!  We have sold many Series 1s, with customers including the very wealthy, royalty, celebrities and large Worldwide Corporations, so why not trust us to guide you through the vintage Land Rover ® minefield? 

We currently have 6 Series 1 80" Land Rovers ® available - pictured below are the 4 which are currently prepared for sale. 






Assisting the lovely Ben Fogle in his recent publication " Land Rover"


Working with Ralph Lauren on shoot in Belgravia, London. This vehicle was fully restored by us.


High profile wedding.


Assisting with the supply and refurbishment of a brace of "Lights Behind The Grill" Series 1 Land Rover ® 80 inchers for national kitchen suppliers, Howdens.


High profile customers visit our premises to collect their Series 1.

Below, more examples of our Series 1s, past and present.












Yes,the mileage is correct, and it is currently being restored by us.......

















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