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Old Land Rover Series For Sale - More Information

We have a large selection of old land rovers series for sale, we stock both the Series range along with the Military, Defender and Range Rover Classic.


Land Rover ® has been heavily involved in supplying vehicles to the military for decades - right back to the first Series 1 Land Rover®. Some early military examples were requested ...

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It is often quoted that the classic Land Rover Defender was in production for 67 years, finally ceasing production in January 2016. However, until 1991 they were not known as Defenders, and these older models are referred to as Series I, II or III, or ...

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Range Rover Classic

The Range Rover Classic came into production in 1970 as a more luxurious and comfortable alternative to the Land Rover. It was even more capable off-road than the Land Rover equivalents of the time and featured a top speed of around 100 mph.  I...

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