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How To Buy a Classic Land Rover From Us

We want buying a Classic Land Rover® from John Brown to be a pleasant, stress free procedure. We have systems in place that mean you can buy your Land Rover ® over the telephone, or internet, and have it delivered direct to your door, wherever you are in The World! As such, we offer a variety of payment methods including:

  • Bank transfers (most popular, fee free and simple)
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • PayPal (you must pay the charges),
  • Cash
  • Cheques (allow seven working days for clearing).
  • Finance now available

You can reserve the Land Rover ® of your choice over the telephone via a 10 % non-refundable deposit (although it is transferable to another vehicle either immediately or within a 3 month time period ), with the balance payable before collection/delivery. This deposit will reserve your vehicle for a period of seven days, after which time the balance is payable. You may, if you wish, pay in full at the beginning. Collection/delivery must be taken within a further seven days, unless prior arrangements for storage are made. If storage is available, it is charged at £30 per week plus VAT, and is undercover and secure. (You must have your insurance arranged during this time). These conditions also apply to commissioned sales on behalf of customers.

Many customers (over 95%) elect to buy their Land Rover ® unseen, based on our reputation built over many years of trading. We can organise delivery to your door, at reasonable rates through our in-house delivery system. The cost is £1.40 per mile charged in one direction of travel (plus VAT at 20%) for short wheel base variants and £1.50 per mile for long wheel base models. Of course, if you wish to collect your vehicle this is fine too. Please remember though that these vehicles are generally very old, and as such can be unpredictable. An unrestored vehicle will require regular service in addition to period replacement of wearing and worn parts. It is always a good idea to have RAC or AA cover if you plan to drive home. That said, our breakdown rate for customers who elect to drive away is less than 1%. 

There are many benefits to owning a Vintage Land Rover®, but it must be understood that some vehicles we sell are approaching 70 years old,which is a testament to their original build quality. This does mean however, that they are not as refined as a modern car or as reliable. 

They do not have power steering, and many do not have brake servos. All old Land Rovers ® will have something that can be improved upon, however good they look. The beauty of this is the opportunity for customers to add value, and customise their vehicles as and when they wish. All our Land Rovers ® are priced in accordance with their condition…..A Land Rover® in the higher price categories will obviously be of a generally higher standard and specification to our more keenly priced vehicles….. Parts availability is excellent, and are generally very cheap to both purchase and fit. All our vehicles are supplied with a good length MOT, in which we put our faith. We also inspect each vehicle via our in-house check which involves some 60 items. If you have a vehicle to part exchange we will try our best to help. Overseas enquiries are most welcome. We provide a full export service worldwide, and are particularly experienced in the US and Australian market. The price quoted in US dollars, includes delivery to mainland USA.

Finance now available!

John Brown 4x4 are happy to announce a new partnership with Pegasus Finance. Pegasus Finance are an independent finance company with a well respected reputation across the classic car finance sector. Our customers can now apply for finance packages, and take another step closer to their dream 4x4! Finance packages with no deposit and competitive APR rates are available. 

John Brown 4x4 Ltd Warranty

All the vehicles we sell, with the exception of commissioned and overseas sales, come with our own in-house 3 month (or 3,000 miles - whichever is sooner) major mechanical warranty. This covers for mechanical failure of

* Engine*(minus ancillaries),  *Gearbox*,  *Axles and Differentials* (prop shafts excluded), *Overdrive*(if fitted), *Transfer Box* *Fuel Tank (Tank Only, not Seal/pipe Leaks)*

This is a "Return to Premises" warranty, and warranted items identified by us will be repaired or replaced free of charge. It is the owner's responsibility to cover the cost and organise the return of the vehicle to us. We strongly advise that prospective customers ensure they have the correct breakdown/transportation cover in place, as all vehicles must be returned to base.

Land Rovers ® exported outside the UK are not covered by the above warranty.

What is not covered

The warranty period is there to protect you against failure of the major components described above - it is not there to guard against the constant tinkering and maintenance during that warranty period which comes with the ownership of a Vintage Land Rover ®. These vehicles (especially unrestored examples) are prone to sudden failure of minor components, electrical faults and seals which can leak. Not covered within the warranty are wearing and serviceable parts which include, but are not limited to all engine ancillaries, brake, clutch and oil seals, bulbs, fuses, fan belt, hoses, points, plugs, distributor, or breakdown as a result of failure of one of these components.

Also not covered during the warranty period are any restorative improvements a customer might elect to make during this time.

Misuse caused by either operator error, offroading, or malicious damage are not covered by this warranty. Any interference during the warranty period by a 3rd party, will render your warranty void.

If you think you have a claim, please contact 01845 525440, as taking matters into your own hands may invalidate your warranty.


John Brown 4×4 Ltd has no connection with Jaguar/ Land Rover ®, its subsidiary companies or any other companies of similar name. Land Rover ® is a registered trade mark of Jaguar Land Rover.


Series Land Rovers ® have odometers that only read to 99,999 miles. A well serviced Land Rover 2286cc engine is capable of covering over three times this mileage. It is also very common that speedometers are either currently inoperative, or have previously been so, through poor design. We therefore prefer not to quote odometer readings, as they are invariably incorrect. If we have a full service history which proves the mileage, we will state this. If we have a partial history which suggests the mileage may be correct we will also detail this information. Unless otherwise stated, it therefore must be assumed that all mileages quoted are not correct.

John Brown 4x4 Ltd

Why Buy From Us?

There are several outfits out there doing what we do - so why come to us?

We ONLY sell Land Rovers ® so are specialists in the field.

We sell more Series Land Rovers® than anyone else we know, so are the company of preference to the general public. 

We are proud of our reputation, and aim to deliver our vehicles in the best possible light given due consideration for age.

We are a friendly, family run company whose staff are both educated and eloquent.

All the vehicles we sell come with our own 3 month (or 3000 miles, whichever is sooner), major mechanical warranty for your peace of mind.

We have our own detailed, 60 point in-house inspection, derived from years of experience and knowledge. This inspection not only prepares the vehicle, but aims to identify and rectify faults where possible.


Terms and Conditions

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2015) , for distance sales only, you have a right to cancel an agreement in writing within 14 days and obtain a refund. Under this act, customers who request ANY personalised modifications of any description do not have the right of return as, under this act, customised goods are non-returnable.

In circumstances where delivery is provided free of charge, upon return of the vehicle you will also be liable for the costs incurred by the company in carrying out that delivery. 

Under this act, we reserve the right, as we are legally entitled, to deduct from any refunds given the following amounts: 

Daily Charge for use           @ £30 + VAT 

Mileage Incurred                 @ £1.30 + VAT

Cleaning Fee (if required)   @ £100 + VAT

Misuse/Abuse                     @ POA