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Land Rover® Series 3 *Preservation Vehicle* (BAU)


For sale Land Rover® Series 3 Soft top in Deep Bronze Green (1972)

MOT until 7th August 2018, and MOT free thereafter. Tax exempt.       Petrol 2286cc.

We are delighted to present for sale this "local" vehicle which we acquired recently from a drive in customer.

Every now and then we get an original vehicle in that we feel merits preserving rather than improving - we go to the same levels of mechanical and structural inspection and improvement, but in this case, we prefer to retain the patina of the vehicle. So why? Well, this vehicle shows just 68,000 miles - the most recent keeper indicated the "word" was that it was correct - and previous MOTs back to 2014 show that it's just done trundling miles.....

The interior suggests this mileage is correct too - we have retained the original seats, which are different to replacements.....yes, they have some tape on them, but they are the originals, and they tell a story that matches with the rest of the vehicle.....remove them, and the story changes. Pull those seats forwards to see the near perfect green paint respray, no different colours....the dash is all genuine and everything works.....just as you might think in a low mileage vehicle, rather than a high mileage one where not much can work! There are seats for 7 too, so it's practical as well.

The exterior is just lovely. There is a colour mismatch on one door where it's probably been replaced and resprayed, but apart from that its all original paintwork.....and it's very straight too, with the exception of the scrape on the passenger wing, which tells a story from the past! The galvanised cappings have all survived, and the rain washed front grill has not been over painted - it looks just how it should for a 45 year old truck, and we think that's very cool indeed - who wants a new leather jacket when one can have a bomber jacket from the war with all its marks and patina - its a piece of preserved history isn't it?

Even the wheels look good - fresh rubber, so all is well, but light surface rust adds to the charm. Paint them, and they are like every other vehicle!

The chassis has been preserved in the past and has many many years of life left in it, as is most common with early Land Rovers®. Under the bonnet is totally original too, and the shiny green paint on the bulkhead lurks behind the oil mist from 45 years on the road.....just how it should be. The engine is a peach. It's quiet, revs freely, and sounds just as an unmolested 2286cc should. Coupled to the correct, small tyres, it feels very lively down the road - and because the tyres are not oversized, the steering is a revelation - not wandering, not heavy, but a delight.......which reminds us that when these were first built and produced they were NOT designed to be heavy and wandering! Press that brake pedal too, and you're thrust forward, reassuringly.

We have fitted a new canvas to keep occupants warm (yes the heater works too) and dry, and we think it looks great.

In summary, we think this is a "take it home" Land Rover® - one that you would look forward to jumping in and using for errands, logs, coal, kids, and rubbish to the feels lovely to drive and puts a real smile on your face. You don't even have to worry about keeping it pristeen, as it wears the look as it should - who would have thought that peeling paint on the bonnet was desirable!? But it is!.

This is also an early Series 3 - just 1908 off the line. Couple that with MOT AND TAX exemption and it should prove to be a simple, low cost investment.

Patina cars don't come around very often, and there is a following for them, so if this floats your boat, be quick!


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