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Land Rover ® Series 2a *Tax Exempt & MOT Exempt* (BOA)


For sale, Land Rover ® Series 2a in Marine Blue (1962).

MOT until 25th May 2018 and MOT exempt from this point. Tax Exempt. Diesel 2500cc. 

We are delighted to present for sale this increasingly rare Land Rover ® Series 2a. As can be seen from the photos, this vehicle has survived in relatively straight and original condition. It sports all the features one might expect from an early 2a - deep sills, wing-mounted mirrors, period 3D numberplates, vintage mudflaps (these are now a discontinued item) and original galvanised cappings. A towbar and electrics is the only addition that has been made to the exterior - allowing a trailer to be towed if required. 

What lies beneath the skin of this old girl however, transforms the driving experience - a later Land Rover ® 2500cc normally aspirated diesel engine has been retro fitted, mated to a Series 3 gearbox.....this gives improved performance (grunt!) and offers a second gear synchromesh, negating the double de clutching for changing gear. The engine is a really fit example, with instant start up and no smoke dramas (as is fairly common), and mated to the smooth gearbox it makes for a really pleasing and unusually refined driving experience. The brakes are sharp and the steering light too!

On the inside, the interior also has a very standard feel, with three standard front seats and deluxe matting to the footwells. The rear is unfitted and houses the spare tyre, which is correctly mounted with the 'dog' in the rear. There are uprated wipers, rather than the old, slow individual items - this gives a much better ability to clear the screens in poor weather.

Out on the road, due to the subtle upgrades, this old girl trundles along really well, and is a hoot to drive. It feels well "sorted" and inspires confidence. A soft top conversion can be carried out if desired.

In summary, if you are looking for a good, original hard-top 2a with improved power and gearbox, then this old girl is definitely worth considering. With the increasing rarity of the series 2a, they should prove to be a sound investment for the future, and with classic insurance and tax and MOT exemption, this truck should be practical to own and run as a weekend runabout.


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