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Land Rover ® Series 2a *Rare Searle SWB Camper!* (EPE)


For sale, Land Rover® Series 2a Searle Camper in Limestone (1971)

2286cc petrol.   Tax Exempt. MOT exempt.  1 family owned from new.  Free Wheeling Hubs. Super rare Searle SWB Camper. 133,991 miles with history.

We are very excited to present for sale this stunning  Series 2a Searle Camper conversion - these are extremely rare vehicles, so read on!

We were delighted to acquire this vehicle from the grandson of the original purchaser. His grandfather had passed away some years ago, and he struggled to part with it, following a long period of dry storage......and that's where we were able to step in and re commission it. Searle were an independent company, converting new Land Rovers into campers upon request - this mostly involved the long wheel base, but very few vehicles of the short wheel base were converted too (even less so 2a examples). This involved lots of modifications, but the main principle was to create a sleeping space by removing the centre bulkhead. This was braced with a removeable bar, thus allowing two to sleep in a longways fashion. We also think that when this was not required, that, in our example, the front seats could remain unchanged, and that the rear was just used to form a double.

There were many extras that could be requested, and this extremely original, one user example has most of them - split charge relay, stereo, blinds, towbar, steps all round, side windows, alpine rooflights, interior light, carpets, toolbox, mud  flaps, and spare wheel cover. 

Finding a SWB Searle is hard enough - finding a single user one probably now impossible - but finding one in an unrestored yet fabulous condition is never going to happen again - this really is a unique vehicle. It's presented in the original Limestone paint with all the extras it came with. The paintwork has a lovely patina and has merely been cleaned, as we felt that further intervention would detract from that truly original nature. The bonus with this vehicle too is that it has the proper tropical roof with the correct Searle windows fitted - these have little locks for security too! Lock the doors, lock the windows, open the vents, and drift off to sleep! If you get cold, start the engine and operate the heater - there's a working interior light too! 

So to the interior - this is an amazing place. We have NEVER seen a headlining and interior trim like it. The headliner looks restored but it isn't! It's just beautiful and immaculately clean, with even the vents being like new. The original Searle seating has survived - and even the front seats are the originals - it's really rare to find all that still in situ. The windows (front screen too) have roll up type screens for evening privacy, but they are fairly brittle now so we have decided not to play with them. The dash is amazing too, and has various extra dials and gauges that one might want to see- there's a Smith's clock too so you know when it's time to be off site!

To get this vehicle back running required no more than a points gap and a new Carburretor and some fresh fuel. SInce it has been stood it also received a service. It runs so smoothly now, it's a pure joy to get in and drive.

Looking underneath we noticed the chassis was almost completely unwelded, and had been covered in a protective oil process - scraping this off in areas to assess the chassis has revealed new, shiny paint on top of a perfect, original chassis back from 1971! Quite amazing. The older generation knew how to look after and preserve these old girls.

As one would expect with a vehicle of this provenance, there are some lovely "extras" included - a number of diaries and books which documents mileages and fuels used, holidays taken etc etc. It appears from these recored that at 133,914 a replacement clock was fitted that had 18,984. This was one of the last jobs carried out......before it was laid up. It now has 19061 on the clock - which means that the actual mileage covered is 133,991 - an average of 2850 miles per year over that time......however, this wasn't a little used example; it was used for some long trips and we are told that many enjoyable holidays were had, with a trailer in tow. Also included are the original jack, jack arm and jack wooden handle (rare), unused and "as new" cranking handle amongst other bits and bobs.

In summary, this is an unrepeatable opportunity to own a very rare, single user, unrestored, low mileage, great condition Series 2a SWB Searle Camper - sure to be great fun to own (previously unknown in the Searle community) , and an appreciating  piece of British motoring history to boot. 

Priced at £15,995

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