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Land Rover ® Series 2a Ragtop (PSK)


For sale, Land Rover Series 2a in Stornoway Grey (1962).

MOT exempt. Tax Exempt. Petrol 2286cc with Overdrive. Free Wheeling Hubs.

We are delighted to present for sale this lovely  soft top 2a, presented in an usual but striking colour. We suspect that this vehicle has been subject to a fairly comprehensive rebuild/refurbishment in recent years to get it into this condition. As the photos show the paint finish and bodywork are to a higher standard than many we see. The Stornaway grey paintwork is offset with black canvas and details which we think look really good. Larger 750 tyres are fitted, which look good both in colour and size, giving a meaningful stance. There is a Capstan Winch fitted, although at the moment it's just for show - some minor "link up" parts are required should the new owner wish to use it. Defender door mirrors give better useability and also match in with the colour scheme. A handy tow bar and electrics are fitted too.

The interior is all nice and pleasingly standard whilst also mirroring the colour scheme on the exterior. Three deluxe seats up front could be complimented with rear benches if required. There's a nice period tunnel cover and deluxe matting which work well together. Even the under bonnet experience is pleasing - so often overlooked. There are fresh lines and hoses abound, suggesting a comprehensive job in previous restorations. It is again colour coordinated, even out of sight!

Out on the road, the extra gearing offered by the overdrive and the larger sized tyres translate into a much more relaxed driving experience - it goes very well.

In summary if you are looking for a soft top 2a, with high spec (overdrive, FWH), then this is worth a look. The up to date colour and mods really do make this old girl look different in a good way - there's sure not to be another around like this, and if you wanted us to recreate this as a special edition it would cost much more than the asking price!


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