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Land Rover ® Series 2a *Galvanised Chassis & 200tdi*(XJB)


For sale, Land Rover ® Series 2a Ragtop in Deep Bronze Green. (1970)

Tax exempt. MOT exempt. 200tdi. Galvanised Chassis. Overdrive. 

Here for sale we have a very high specification crossover 2a, rebuilt in the past onto a galvanised chassis. Externally, the truck just looks like a standard and fairly rare crossover, with towbar and electrics, mudflaps, razor bonnet and maltese grill, lamp guards, 750 tyres on standard rims, uprated defender mirrors for better visibility, vintage plates and a good paint finish. However, lurking underneath is a 200tdi engine with intercooler. Combined with the overdrive and larger wheels this gives unrivalled performance over standard.

The interior is nicely appointed with deluxe seats and mats, and has a smart feel with unmolested dash and heater. It looks just as it should. The rear is unfitted but could house extra seating if required. 

Out on the road is where this vehicle sets itself apart. The combination of uprated engine and gearing makes full use of the circa 100 horse power and 40 mpg. The drive is involving and a lot of fun. Couple all this to the galvanised chassis and you have one special vehicle.

If you are looking for a 2a that's rebuilt, benefits from both MOT and TAX exemption, and has a 200tdi for more regular driving and longer trips, whilst enjoying superb fuel economy, then this smart truck is well worth  look. It's a little dearer than a non rebuilt example, but for a little extra we think you get a lot more! With appreciating residuals and cheap insurance, we think it's a no brainer!

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