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Land Rover ® Series 2a *Fully Restored* (PHN)


For sale, Land Rover ® Series 2a in Deep Bronze Green (1967).

MOT until 15th August 2019, but exempt anyway. Tax Exempt. Petrol 2286cc. Galvanised Chassis. Freshly restored in house by ourselves and has not yet seen a wet road!

It is rare that we have time aside from customer rebuilds to be able to build a vehicle for stock - in fact it has taken two years to be able to produce an "oven ready rebuild" to list for sale. This particular vehicle is a desirable 2a in the most iconic colour and configuration....the deep bronze green and soft top make for a really lovely truck. 

Over the years we have worked with prospective customers and have steadily responded to those requests that seem most this vehicle is fitted with a working heater for winter use, and parabolic springs to give the best possible ride. Mud flaps are fitted to keep things clean and deluxe mats are thrown in for good measure. With these rebuilds all the galvanising is replaced with new material (including the bumper) and this mirrors the fitment of the brand new, galvanised chassis. Naturally, all components are either brand new or (where they can be refurbished to new standard) reworked. We don't refit any rusty components, and if in doubt, new items are fitted.....these include, but are not restricted to - all brake components including lines and linings, new suspension in entirety, new axle components and seals fitted to refurbished housings, new props, U bolts, professional paintwork inside and out, seats, sticks, canvas, new tyres and tubes on refurbished wheels, under bonnet reworking with new wiring loom, carb, many ancilliaries etc etc - the photos really give the full story.

This particular vehicle has also had some significant engine reworking too as a safe measure - shells, bearings etc, so we can be sure it's going to last as long as the chassis! As you would expect, this beautiful vehicle drives very nicely indeed.

If you were to commission this build from us it would be significantly more expensive than this "test piece" which we have done to demonstrate our work - due to the fitment of many free extras that would normally be chargeable, and the differing VAT laws when selling a prepared vehicle rather than restoring a customer's car. As such we think this truck represents superb value for money, and a great opportunity to acquire a beautiful vehicle which can be enjoyed whilst your savings are safely invested. As the vehicle is fully prepped and ready, there is no waiting list for it either - so be quick!!

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