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Land Rover® Series 1 *Lights Behind The Grill with Power Steering* (UUD)


For sale, Land Rover® Series 1 Lights Behind The Grill 80" in Deep Bronze Green (1950). 

MOT exempt. Tax Exempt. 200TDI. Power Steering. Overdrive. Free Wheeling Hubs. Full Synchromesh Gearbox.

We are delighted to present for sale this early 80" Land Rover®, manufactured on the 30th January 1950. 

This lights behind the grill Series one has been carefully modified back in 2014 - it had a professionally fitted 200TDI engine, synchromesh four speed gearbox and power steering. Coupled with the overdrive and free wheeling hubs, this gives an unbelievable driving experience from such an old Land Rover®, yet this has not harmed the visual appearance in any way either externally or internally. What one has then, in effect, is an enviable marriage between owning a beautiful, vintage vehicle. but being able for it to be used in a more modern capacity. We therefore assume that the new owner will love the idea of owning a period vehicle but would intend to use it on a more regular basis, enjoying the enhanced power, economy and drive. 

Externally, as one can see this is a smart and straight early 1950 Land Rover®. It enjoys the correct lights behind the grill, wing-mounted mirrors, original doors with flap to open, etc etc. There is a towbar and electrics, rear mudflaps and it is worth noting that the vehicle is of a more professional finish than one would normally expect to see, so all in all, it looks really nice and period.

The interior looks, to all intents and purposes, standard. There are three front shovel back seats, and the dash is unmolested. The rear houses the spare wheel as it should, and is otherwise unfitted apart from a load mat. There has been a neat alteration to the starting procedure to accomodate the upgraded engine - and this acts as a security feature also. It has been well thought out and the new owner will be advised of how this all works. 

Out on the road is where this vehicle truly excels - the powerful 200TDI engine with turbo gives the best performance possible due to being mated to a synchro gearbox, overdrive and larger 750 tyres. This means the gearing ratios are ideal for long, in-gear acceleration, and cruising at speeds approaching the national speed limit. It really is fun to drive and with the power steering, feels no less harsh than a modern 90...... in this way, this vehicle would be ideal for someone who loves the idea of owning a vintage Land Rover®, but has concerns over heavy steering and synchroless gear changes. In this manner, we feel this makes the vehicle highly desirable. 

In summary, if you are looking for a very early 80" Land Rover®, with none of the drawbacks associated with owning a vehicle of this vintage, then this surely is worth considering. In all our years of trading, we have never come across such an early vehicle which feels so modern to drive, despite no loss of visual appeal. We love it!

Priced at £24,995

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