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Land Rover ® Series 1 80" *Lights Behind The Grill* (FTH)


For sale, on behalf of a customer, Land Rover ® Series 1 in Deep Bronze Green (1950). 

2L Petrol. MOT Exempt. Tax Exempt. Date of first registration 31st December 1950 - making this a very late lights behind the grill variant.

This stunning "first generation, lights behind the grill" Land Rover® is in truly outstanding condition (we think the photos speak for themselves).

Externally there's a high quality paint finish to nice straight panels and a recent canvas. There are a good set of period 600 tyres fitted and the galvanised cappings are original and unpainted which is a real bonus on a vehicle of this age. It is also pleasing to see that it has no silly additions that mar the lines of such an iconic vehicle. It is just as it should be - and how it would've looked out of the factory. 

On the inside, there's a recent seat set. The dash is original and again, there are no additional features to detract - just plenty of original items in good order.....just what we like to see. There is a correct sized, period spare stowed in the correct place in the rear. Whils

Out on the road, this old girl drives well and the engine is nice and sweet. The vehicle gives a pleasing period driving experience, turning heads everywhere it goes, and attracting more attention that anything else around!

In summary then, if you are looking for a lights-behind-the-grill Series 1 for investment, then this could be for you. These really are the epitome of Quintessential Britishness, and are very rare in this condition. The vehicle is also 'ready to work' - used by the previous owner for both shows and for short journeys on the weekends. All in all, this is a rare early 80" in stunning condition considering that it is 68 years old.

As this is a sale on behalf of a previous customer, the contract of purchase is between himself and the purchaser. There is no warranty implied given by us.

Priced at £49,995

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