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Land Rover ® Lightweight *300 TDI* (CPE)


For sale, Land Rover ® Lightweight in Drab Olive (1973). 

Released from forces in 1985, hence the Q designation (this was a common practice back then!). A heritage certificate is supplied showing the build date. MOT until 6th June 2020. 300TDI.

We are delighted to present for sale, once again, this lovely lightweight, fitted with a modern drivetrain - giving great improvements in power, reliability and economy.

It's well presented as the photos demonstrate - and benefits from a new set of chevron style tyres and a new canvas. In the ownership of the previous customer, a smart pair of wing top ATUs are fitted - with the British Flag adorned on them. These could be used to fit whip aerials if required. A bridging plate is fitted to the front and is period correct. 

The 300tdi engine runs very well, and is mated to a series 2a gearbox, specifically fitted due to being stronger and more capable to cope with the increased power. A set of Range Rover diffs allows much more relaxed cruising too.....negating the need for an overdrive - so this really is a well specd lightweight - whilst still retaining a period look

The interior is largely original and is also well presented - a common thread with the vehicle. It's nice to see the heater in situ, and the air vents etc etc.

If you are looking for a very useable lightweight with hugely improved performance, economy and reliability then this is worth considering. The marriage of improved gearing and power make for a massively improved driving experience!

Priced at £9995

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