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Land Rover ® 90 * Sultan Of Brunei - exportable * (HPO)


For sale, Land Rover ® 90 in Brunei Yellow (1987)

 Will be provided with 12 months MOT. Station Wagon, 2500cc Petrol. Power Steering. Air Conditioning. 41,000 miles. Amazing history.

We are very excited to present for sale, this extraordinary Land Rover 90, having been owned (by repute) by The Sultan Of on!

This vehicle began life, we think, at Solihull, where it was adapted to the specific requirements of The Sultan. It then went to Brunei, until it passed into the hands of The Sultan's pilot. We know not why. It then was brought back to Old Blightly where it was used on The Isle Of Wight. The owner from back then, now owns an airport on the island, we are told. At some point it was sold and went over the short stretch of water to Portsmouth. After some time, it seems it was bought back again by the pilot, perhaps for sentimental reasons - we are not sure - but it was soon passed on by him to a local trader. That is where we stepped in and purchased it. Owing to the condition when it came to us we are guessing that when it went into the pilot's ownership for the second time, he was unwilling  to make the repairs required (due to poor condition of doors and footwells etc). 

Since we received the vehicle, we wondered what to do with it - we wanted to keep the authenticity, whilst improving it and making it into a useable talking point. We stripped the vehicle back and carried out a thorough refurbishment. The original brunei paint colour is not the nicest colour - it's been retained under the rear load mat for two reasons - firstly, it's a record of the history, and also because there is a written record of the address, marked in pen on that area (pictured). We have repaired the footwells, replaced both the doors at great expense, and carried out a repaint, in a more useable colour, with black detailing to break up the yellow, and we think it looks fantastic. The alloys are original and were probably painted in Birmingham with the rest of the conversions.....the air conditioning is something we have NEVER seen on a 90 of this age. It has been fully overhauled, recommissioned and re-gassed. It is in perfect working order, so would make this a superb vehicle for export or a hot holiday home. We are guessing that the power steering was also added to give that luxury driving experience! As one can see, this 90 has seating for 7, in original techno fabric. This is further aided by rear windows and alpine lights, making for a superb, vintage people carrier. The dash and steering wheel look very original, unmolested and iconic - perhaps due to the ultra low mileage this vehicle has travelled - and there are lots of MOTs going back many years to show it's correct.

As an early 90, this vehicle is fitted with the original  2500cc petrol engine, which runs very nicely, and as its been in regular, recent use, (2000 miles last year), it's good to note that it's covering miles well. At the point of sale, we will MOT the vehicle for 12 months.

This has been a long journey - we bought an expensive vehicle to begin with, and spent a lot of time and money to get everything up to the standard this historic vehicle it's not cheap - but, when you consider, the air con, power steering, history, refurbishment, and very low mileage we think it's actually good value for would be ideal as an investment,  a museum exhibit, or just a great Land Rover® to brag about to your friends, especially on hot days when their vehicles are like mobile green houses!!! We love it!!

USA EXPORTABLE, matching numbers.

Priced at £14,995

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