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Land Rover ® 90 *Galvanised Chassis* (TWY)


For sale, Land Rover ® 90 in Coniston Green (1990)

MOT until 21st February 2020. (no advisories since 2008!!!!)   200tdi.  Galvanised Chassis.   Only  3 former keepers and 128,000 miles. Stamped service history booklet to 105,000 miles (local car). Power steering. Towbar with electrics (height adjustable).

We are delighted to present for sale this local 90, having had just 2 former keepers and an almost complete service history. Our own Clive Mac Donald Smith (technical guru/dinosaur!) actually supplied this vehicle and carried out the annual services on it - giving it a fantastic low miles, low owner, local history. Clive remembered the vehicle well, although since those times it has received a new chassis at some point - presumablu since the last stamp in the book at 105,000.

As can be seen from the photos this 90 standsvery well - with good looking wheels and tyres that are not only functional but add some presence. There are various extras too with handy extra spots on main beam (great for winter driving), a bull bar, galvanised front bumper, and a rear canopy which is colour coded, and ideal for dogs, logs or rubbish for the tip.....this truck therefore is a good choice for someone who wants to use their 90 - winter days, off road, or down to the pub with the dogs in the back. The best thing about these truck cabs is the smaller cabin, more easily heated, and nice and clean and away from the rubbish in the back! We run one of these vehicles ourselves and would not be without it. 

The interior is unusually lovely - in normal circumstances a vehicle of this age would have torn seats, and it would look generally shabby - but no this one - perhaps due to low owners, low miles, and good servicing and maintenance. As the photos show, it's clean and tidy and a nice place to be. It is also fitted with a new bluetooth stereo and speakers.

Out on the road this truck goes VERY well - it's had some enhancements from a well known tuning company  (larger intercooler, silicon turbo hoses etc) and is one of the liveliest  90s of this age we have had the pleasure to drive - it really is a fun road machine!

The service record and other bits and bobs are included in the sales pack - and for your own peace of mind the short MOT will be renewed. There are, with this being an older 90, a few areas that the new owner may wish to improve over time - some bubbling (not perforated) to the bulkhead corners in the usual places, and some electrolytic corrosion on the door bottoms - but nothing too serious or structural - these areas could  easily be improved but most people would use it as is and carry out repairs when they become properly necessary. The vehicle is otherwise very straight and the paint finish is very good!

In summary, if you are looking for an honest 90 for work and play, without the worries of the chassis corrosion that plagues older defenders then this smart truck is worth considering. Add in the old school, reliable, non ECU engine, low mileage, service history etc and this becomes a fairly exceptional vehicle, at a very affordable price which reflects the minor cosmetic blemishes. Classic insurance is also available due to age!


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