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Land Rover ® 90 *Galvanised Chassis 300TDI* (EBD)


For sale, Land Rover ® 90 in Audi Monsoon Grey (1989).

Will be supplied with 12 Months MOT. Rebuilt onto a Galvanised Chassis. 300TDI. Power Steering. Stereo with Highback Seats.

We are delighted to offer for sale this very smart Land Rover® 90, presented in stunning Monsoon Grey. As can be seen, this 90 has been much improved over time, and enjoys many desirable upgrades. From what we can see of the history of this vehicle, it was declared uneconomical to repair back in 2006 - and perhaps this is why it was subsequently rebuilt in 2006 onto a galvanised chassis.

The outside bodywork has survived in relatively straight order, and the cappings are also sound. The rust point doors have all been replaced, so there's no nasty rusty deposits in the footwells. A set of larger tyres has been fitted to the matching  steel wheels, and a swing away wheel carrier houses the spare - all very "sorted." The whole vehicle has been thoughfully colour coded, and we think it looks superb.

The interior is also very very clean and well detailed - so often, these rebuilds neglect the interior - but in this case, good, high back seats are fitted, with full tunnel and flooring, all in great condition. There's even a roof lining with light and a stereo with speakers - all working nicely - it's a fairly good sound, and a welcomed addition to give this vintage 90 a much more modern appeal (actually, with the power steering, it feels 20 years younger than a parallel vehicle.) The rear is unfitted, but colour coded with load mat. If desired, and for a small fee, rear windows could be installed, and extra seating too if required. Please enquire if so needed.

Out on the road, the culmination of a sound Tdi engine with power steering, coil steering and (recent) disc brakes, give a totally modern driving experience. It's a joy to drive and feels every bit as competant as a TD5, minus the tricky ECU's, sensors, corrosion etc - so you get modernity without frailty!

In summary, this is, in our opinion, a superb way into the minefield of corroded, old  90 ownership. The rebuild and galvanised chassis mean that the new owner will not inherit those very common issues associated with an older 90. There are no fancy, ECU or electronic systems, so home maintenance is possible, but the vehicle still enjoys a good ride from the turbo and power steering - it really is a great way to enjoy modern 90 motoring without the worries and concerns that brings. If you are looking for a family friend to keep for a long time, then this beautiful, vintage ( it's hard to remember it's almost 30 years old!) 90 is surely worth a look.


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