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Land Rover ® 101 Forward Control Camper *Awesome!* (BHG)


For sale, Land Rover ® 101 Forward Control Camper in Drab Olive (1977)

MOT until May 2018, and MOT exempt thereafter. Will qualify for tax exemption subject to an application to the DVLA to register the build year (It wasn't first registered until 1996 from forces).

Petrol V8. 12v RHD.      73,900 KM (45,900 miles from 4 former keepers! Very low.)

Here we have a quite exceptional, converted ambulance - which has really been thought about during its conversion to a camper.

As can be seen, the general condition is really good inside and out, as is the chassis and mechanicals. What perhaps stands this truck out from others is the way that everything seems to work really well. Starting on the outside, the front fog lights work - nice - and the side lighting is LED type....low energy and bright...also nice! The rear twin lights are also LED, bright and switched, meaning that winter evenings and after dark barbeques are possible. Even the sirens and yellow beacon on the top work - such good fun. Being an ambulance body, all the doors and windows feel over machined, and close really well. 

The inside has been well thought about....We are sure to forget some things but here goes. There is a modern and recent diesel webasto heater fitted on board. It has it's own tank, and is professionally fitted. One twist of the thermostat and off it goes, so you can be warm year round. Then there is the lighting. There are loads of fully working on board 12v lights, plus a solar one two. There are mains sockets and an electric hook up too for on grid camping. We have had the main lights on for hours on end, but the twin, on board batteries never seem to be affected - there is a digital voltage meter so you can see your usage too, but it seems capable of doing long periods with the on board set up and still start perfectly. There's a sink, working gas cooker (we've had it lit and it works well) and plenty of storage in various's clean and tidy and smells nice and fresh. Everything you see is included in the sale, including all soft furnishings and microwave. As it is an ambulance, privacy is well thought out too. You can have the area to the front cabin open, so you can enjoy the fitted and nicely working stereo CD (works without a key in the ignition and is also switched to isolate if necessary), or you can lower the smart blind and maintain privacy. All the windows have proper shields too, and there are even twin hatches in the roof, should you want the open top feel in summer. The doors open wide at the back, but we thought that a bar between the two and a fiamma on the roof rack would give a great additional dry awning area - something for the new owner to consider perhaps.

The driving area is also nicely appointed, with comfy seats. The engine sounds amazing and starts first turn.....these 101s are quite nice to drive too, so long distances are not a problem either - it would make a superb overland or off road style camper, and with all the extras, it could be done in relative comfort.

In summary, we think this is a cracking 101, just waiting for a mad couple to forget the woes of everyday life  - an adventure is just around the corner!

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