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Land Rover® 101 Forward Control 12v RHD *Original V8* (OPW)


For sale, Land Rover® 101 Forward Control in Drab Olive (1976).

3500cc V8. MOT Exempt. Tax Exempt. Pioneer Tools. Stainless Steel Fuel Tank. 12 volt. 

We are pleased to present for sale this handsome 101 in popular V8 configuration - it is also 12 volt and RHD with soft top, making it a good choice. As can be seen by the photographs, it survives in good condition having been well maintained over the years. A new set of doors have been recently fitted (a common weak point on these vehicles). There are a full set of pioneer tools to the front with bridging plate, NATO hitch and lifting eyes and it is nice to see that the military lighting all remains in the standard format. There are a pair of hidden spotlights behind the grill for greater illumination on winter nights. A good set of tyres is fitted all round, with a spare fitted in the correct place behind the driver and it is also good to note that the fuel tank has been replaced for a stainless steel item. The canvas, although not new, is in good condition, but if you require a brand new item or a darker colour, we can supply these for a nominal fee. 

The interior is once again largely standard with the rear unfitted and the front cab housing two seats. If required, rear bench seats can be fitted along with a load mat should greater accommodation be required. The controls for the driver are all standard but it is nice to see a pair of original gun clips still situated on the dashboard. 

Perhaps the best feature of this good looking 101 is the exhaust note and the driving experience. The engine revs silently except for that fantastic deep warble from the exhaust. These exit to the rear close together in 'twin pipe' form and really do look and sound fantastic. The test drive showed the vehicle to be very 'keen' and it seemed to want to just keep on accelerating with ease..... it really is one of the best driving 101s we've sold of late. 

In summary, if you are looking for a good, RHD, 12v GS V8 101 with all the toys, in original format then this fits the bill. If you've never driven a 101 before they are great fun with ample power and lighter controls than you might expect. They are incredibly versatile and can be used to move people, or bulky objects, from A to B easily. 

Priced at £22,995 

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