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Aircraft Tug Deck Tractor - HMS Ark Royal (PTU)


For sale, Vickers® Deck Tractor (1955)

MOT exempt. Tax exempt.

This deck tractor is reputed to have come off the HMS Ark Royal - you will find photos online of such vehicles on board deck - they were designed to move the jets around, and refuel them. 

SO why do you need one? Well, we have been using it to move vehicles around - its very powerful, has four wheel steering so is very good at turning in tight has an enormous on board tank for diesel, with on board pumping to another vessel. It's fully road registered and legal to drive, and is very easy to drive. It has two speeds, but was so original, that when we got it, it was restricted to first gear only, to stop the drivers from dropping into the sea!  It will do around 40 mph flat out.

It starts on the button, and everything works, including all dials, dash lights, and the hydraulic front eye.

It's four wheel drive too so very capable all round, and weighting over six tons, has no worries with corrosion!!!!!

If you are looking for a truck to move vehicles around in an enclosed environment, or just want a mobile "bowser" for fuel, then this is a cheap way of doing it.

You may, however, fancy a different mode of transport for the local tractor run.....and this would suit! It would even tow home the tractors when they break down! This vehicle has been UTTERLY reliable, and is only being sold due to lack of need for it. It's a great truck, and an absolute hoot to drive, being semi automatic (no clutch, so can be driven on an automatic license!).

We can assist with delivery if required - it's heavy so needs the right truck to move it!!!


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