Tuesday tipple from Director and founder John Brown?

Posted on March 13, 2019


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week, despite the stormy weather! It was a good job we were in our trusty 90 today coming into work, as a tree had come down in the road, and it took some negotiating...anyway, after rolling over some debris we got ourselves into Thirsk, where the premises are based.

We have been really busy as usual, preparing vehicles for sale - and customer commissions have taken up much of our time - we are refurbishing several Series 2a SWB vehicles to order which always takes extra time - sometimes customers (and why not?) request interesting colours and specifications, but we never say no. The most recent request is for a Series 2a in Coastguard Blue - I bet that would look good, with a nice gloss paint finish and plenty of detail in the finish...in between these builds  we managed to squeeze in the ambulance, and what a machine it is. We had a lot of fun checking the systems and dressing it for sale - so it's nice to have something a little different from the norm to play with.

Currently on the inspection ramp we have SCT, a lovely old 2a soft top we sold previously. It's great being able to re-sell vehicles, knowing that they've served well and been inspected twice by us! It's just having some brake adjustments and few other small jobs carried out, then once the oils are topped up and final inspections are done, then it will to the website! Talking of the website, we were hoping the new site would be live by now, but it seems we are a little delayed in its final delivery - you wouldn't get that from us, but every company works differently!!! Anyway, it should be well received when it finally arrives. We have tried to make it more user friendly with some great added features, so watch this space.....it's been a long time in the making!

Looking ahead we have much to do - the unit is looking a little bare as we try to restock from past sales. There's one more commissioned build to finish (that's ready for the spray shop) and then we have a hard top series 3 that's in need of the usual TLC. It's a petrol, in Green, with hardtop roof - drop us a line if interested. That will probably take us into next week, where we will preparing a soft top Series 3 - again a formerly sold vehicle now in need of a new home! Following that there is a long queue of other vehicles ready to be checked over.....that's something we always insist on here....nothing goes to market until its ready and signed off by a senior member of the team. We don't sell projects, or unprepared vehicles like some of our competitors. We see ourselves as the finished product... a vehicle sold with confidence and a warranty, backed by our many years of experience and friendly service. Don't get me wrong, anyone who understands old Land Rovers knows that there is always the next job - our aim, however is to sell the best product at the best price, given the fact that some of the trucks we sell are post war.

Well, time to sign off and take a wander around the premises to see how works are progressing. Even in my role as a director, I still enjoy entering the workshop and seeing how things are going. I even give a little advice from time to time!

I'll catch you all later.


John Brown Snr


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