A busy start to August at John Brown 4x4.....

Posted on August 13, 2019

It has been a very busy start to August at John Brown 4x4 - starting with some of the great cars we listed last week:


How about this lovely, rare station wagon that has an unwelded chassis? Incredible!


We have a fabulous collection of 101 Land Rovers®, and are going to be adding to this over the next few weeks - this is another fabulous V8 - we have the best selection of 101s in the country for sale!

To come this week....'The Week of the 90'

The workshop are busy preparing three ex-military 90s for sale - two hard top variants and one soft top - all finished in the NATO Green colour scheme - one of which is a 200TDI conversion, far more suited to modern use than the normally aspirated counterparts!

We have also purchased another Series 2a that we have previously sold and that will be coming into stock next week. 

Our rebuild line are in the midst of a 'showroom build' - there are exactly as they sound...a full rebuild that goes into the showroom and is available for immediate delivery. This will be a rare, Mid-Grey Land Rover® Series 2a with full Elephant Hide Interior, to concourse specification. 

If any of the above sounds of interest - give us a call to chat through your requirements, and we will do our best to assist... 01845 525440 or email us at info@johnbrown4x4.com (or use the LiveChat service on our website).

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