The Corsica Rebuild Part 4 - Inspection

Posted on October 11, 2018

The next stage of the Corsica Rebuild has begun - the vehicle has had an inspection by our founding director John Brown Sr, which you can watch here.

This inspection requires a number of things - we managed to get the engine to come to life using our expert staff, though it did require some persuasion! This engine will have north of 125bhp when it goes back in - it is having a full high-performance tune which includes camshafts, porting and skimming the head, SU Carburettor, Individual Branch Manifold and Large Bore, Stainless Steel Exhaust system. This will give it almost 3x the power of standard! 

The main point to note is the difference between a LHD and a RHD vehicle - the steering box and relay are moved, meaning that the exhaust is a different item altogether - this is also an Original Series 2 and not a 2a - noticeable by the twist front vents, exterior screws and spoked steering wheel. 

Rather funnily, a lizard escaped from the vehicle when we towed it in - now affectionately named 'Corsica' - and it has run off into the wilds of England. 

The next job is the 'strip down' - more on this as it develops!

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