New Website to be unveiled soon...

Posted on November 09, 2018

Although we often receive good praise for our current website, we have a policy here at John Brown 4x4 that we constantly strive to improve and extend - which we guess is part of the successful growth of a company.

The website you are currently used to is actually the 2nd website we have created for the brand......after a very good stint from the first website!

So what's next? Well, we don't want to fix what isn't broken - and it always irritates when supermarkets move things around for no apparent reason - so with this in mind, we will be tweaking and improving without the risk of confusion.

There will be an exciting remodelling of some areas, and also some new, and very exciting, interactive features, making various processes much more accessible.......enough said for now, but for all our regular uses, we hope the new website will continue to inform and entertain! It's been a year in the making....but it's almost here, so keep watching!!


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