Introducing Shaun Richardson -Resident Artist

Posted on June 01, 2018


John Brown 4x4 Ltd are delighted to introduce our Resident Artist, Shaun Richardson. 

Shaun is a very accomplished artist based in the North East of England. Throughout his career, Shaun has worked with a variety of sporting celebrities as well as a large number of private clients providing one off, bespoke art pieces on a variety of subjects. He specialises in Sport and the automotive industry, but also paints portraits of people and animals. Some of his paintings have sold for over £10,000! The links in the article below show examples of his finished works as well as some of the sporting stars who have his pieces in their private collections. 

Over the last few months we have been working with Shaun to create bespoke pieces of art for our customers. Earlier this week it was a pleasure to welcome Martin and his grandson Harry to our premises. Martin had purchased a Land Rover® Series 3 from us several months ago. His grandson was so taken with the vehicle, he purchased his own overalls and toolbox (complete with a packet of biscuits) to help grandad maintain his purchase. Martin was kind enough to send us photographs of Harry enjoying learning all about vintage vehicle maintenance. 


Martin has reported they have had so much fun since the Land Rover® joined their family, Harry has decided to become Ted the mechanic when dressed in his overalls...

We were so impressed with the photograph of Harry,  we decided it would be a perfect image for Shaun to create a bespoke piece to present as a surprise. Earlier this week both Martin and Harry/Ted visited us to have a look round our stock. We were all very pleased that Ted shared some of the biscuits from his toolbox with us.....  

We had arranged for Shaun to be on site with the finished piece of art work. It was a lovely surprise for Martin and Harry/Ted as the pictures below show.



It was lovely to receive a thank you email and letter from Martin and Harry.

Hi John, Lisa and John,
I just wanted to drop you all a line to say an enormous thank you following our visit today.
The picture is absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful surprise, thank you all so much. 
It is absolutely brilliant and you must let us know Shaun's surname so we can view his other work on the net.

Harry (aka Ted the mechanic) was talking (shouting) land rovers all the home but decided he likes ours best...phew! He also agreed with me that it now looks so much better and nodded his agreement when I told him it runs better too. In all honesty it drives like a different vehicle. He said at one point that the noise was okay from the inside, it's just the outside noise that's a bit frightening.

I also wanted to say a big thank you for looking after Harry...Ted...Harry. It's not everyone who gets one of Ted's biscuits so you certainly all made a big impression. I think you have a future customer, or mechanic, now.

Would you mind emailing over one of the photos so he can put it in his homework book for school next week, please.

Thanks again for such a fabulous visit.




Shaun also brought several other pieces of bespoke work which are all available to purchase.





If you are therefore looking for a perfect present for the person who has everything why not order an original bespoke painting of their Land Rover®, favourite sport star or family members?

Paintings are priced at £395 (for this size, although they can be as big as your pocket will allow!) and can be ordered directly through our website by emailing us.

The links below show further examples of Shaun,s bespoke pieces... and also the Artist's story of how it all started.

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