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Posted on October 10, 2016

Scroll down for articles on our work with Ralph Lauren, River Cottage HQ, Belstaff, Cad and The Dandy and Ben Fogle, PLUS our recent visit to London for Ben Fogle's book launch!

Any vehicle we have in stock is available for hire. We frequently hire out our vehicles for fashion photoshoots, film and TV. All appropriate Public Liability insurances are in place.

We cover all regions of the UK, and can work at short notice, as can sometimes be needed within this industry. Prices vary on length of hire period, and are subject to VAT and expenses incurred (transport, LEZ/Congestion fees, etc).

We are discreet, reliable and experienced in this field, particularly within the M25, where it is traditionally difficult to get specialist vehicles to locations on time and on budget.


Pictured below is our 1949, Series 1. It was used recently to promote a new sunglasses range for Ralph Lauren - it can be seen here being delivered to Belgravia, Central London. We were set the task to supply a similar vehicle to that used by Winston Churchill in the post war years - with only 48 hours notice we were able to deliver a suitable vehicle, on time and to the correct destination.


The requirement was to supply the vehicle "stripped" so that the photographer was able to gain access to the occupants. We were ready and waiting at the given address well before the crew arrived (rear of photo).


This is a stunning, and recently restored Series 1 80", as used by Winston Churchill after the war, to get around London. It is an iconic vehicle, being the first model ever produced by The Rover Company. Such vehicles are now very rare, especially in this condition. It is, of course, running and driving and road legal. All the vehicles within this section are retained within the company and are available at any time.



On a bright day in April, the weather was kind to the crew. Once the shoot was over, the vehicle was collected and returned to base. Andrew Lauren is pictured here in the passenger seat. The shots were used for their Spring/Fall campaign.



This vehicle is already famous, having featured in "A Cook On The Wild Side" with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. It has been displayed at River Cottage HQ, and is signed by Hugh himself. The vehicle is fully functional and has a full kitchen with sinks, fridge, oven and hob. It is fully roadworthy and legal to use.

We were invited to River Cottage HQ to meet Hugh and display his finely restored vehicle! It is now sold to a private collector.





Set up.....



Meeting Hugh and hearing his recollections!


Hugh signed the vehicle!



If you require a quote for hire, please contact a member of the team with your requirements.


We rebuild some of our vehicles to "like new " standard, and these prove very popular, particularly with the fashion industry. This particular vehicle has appeared in high profile fashion events at Old Billingsgate in London.

We were again set a short deadline to supply a vehicle to a difficult location in central London late at night. Naturally, this ran smoothly, and we would like to thank Belstaff for the kind invitation to the after show party !

Click on the link below to see one of our vehicles starring at Belstaff's presentation at London Fashion week 2015.



Cad and The Dandy

We were approached last year by James Sleater, Cad & The Dandy, to provide him with a classic Land Rover® to promote his business. 

James owns this Savile Row tailors as well as Wildsmith shoes and Yardsmen and wanted a British Icon to reflect his brand.

Pictured below is his Land Rover including sign writing.


Ready for the off... sides rolled up to enjoy the weather.


James brought his Defender along to ride in convoy with his classic purchase.


The latest picture depicting the Cad & The Dandy fleet of vehicles.


Ben Fogle

We were delighted to be contacted by Ben Fogle, who is writing a book on the Land Rover®. He has been touring the UK, researching people and places that sum up the brand. After much discussion, it was decided that Ben would buy a Series 1 from us, and that we would join him on his journey as a support team. 

Following a night before meeting, we arrived at work with Ben to show him our operation and prepare for the long journey ahead!


Ben has done quite a lot of research for his book, and it should be a great read - he was interested to see our 101, not least because it has a special connection with Land Rover®, it being the subject of a toy model made for children (and adults!).


We recommended an 80" Series 1 to Ben - this one has been restored mechanically and has a 200tdi engine fitted. This should prove to be more reliable on a long journey - and with motorways involved, the added power and speed should keep us safer too.....but there's more to come on that later on ! Ben loved the fact that the paintwork and canvas are weathered in, and also found the sound of the turbo spinning up "infectious."


Although Ben liked our shiny vehicles, he is more inclined towards patina - each to their own on this one. HTM is still currently for sale as we write this and has been subject ed to our refurbishment program. Behind, in the background is a fully rebuilt vehicle from us....Ben was able to see just how far one can go with a rebuild.


Ben is a popular chap on the TV, and that's no surprise, as he is just as nice in reality. He took the time to introduce himself to the whole crew, and nothing is too much trouble - we really did enjoy his visit to us.


So where are we going? Well, you will have to look back in the coming days and keep watching the blog - here we are below ready to set off on our long journey. Our own 90 was loaded up with spares and various extra parts and tools, just in case. On a long journey, it is always a good idea to be prepared - taking extra fuel, water, oil and brake fluid is a sound idea.


One last photo was taken of the crew with Ben....we could not have had better weather for the run!



And with that the adventure begins. John started the drive, with Ben taking over part way through the run.......next time......our first destination!


Part Two .....

Here we go! We are pictured on the M62 heading towards Wales. With the 200tdi, overdrive and larger 750 tyres we were able to cruise at a steady 55 mph. The only thing we regret was not fitting a passenger wing mirror for pulling back in.....so Ben kept an eye on the inside lane whilst John drove. He reported that it trundled along very well, with good temperature all the way!model.jpg#asset:5017:url

Our first stop with Ben was at Dave's garage, where he has one of the largest and most complete model collections in the UK. He also has a large collection of publications including the complete works of Land Rover® Owner Magazine. Very impressive!


We were amazed at this collection  - it could actually be used to learn about all the model variants that exist in real life, such is the extent of his collection.


Dave reckons to have every Land Rover® model ever made....and some of them are tiny. Dave even knew of our 101 Forward Control, based on the model that was made from it!


We spent a good while looking for different models! Dave was also responsible for making some of the off road courses that can be driven during Land Rover® national events.


Once we had safely travelled the 270 or so miles to Wales (in one go and on 2/3 of a tank of diesel!) we went for lunch at the local pub. From there, after a welcome rest, Ben took over the driving as we headed for our next destination. He soon got used to the controls, and enjoyed the power from the turbo. He even thought it was a more satisfying drive than his newer 90!


We travelled through some spectacular scenery.


We headed through the mountains.....but where were we going next?


Over the Menai Bridge......


.....and finally we arrived in Red Wharf Bay. But why there? And what is the significance of this?  


Next........what we did in Red Wharf Bay, and who did we meet?

Part 3 

We arrived in Red Wharf Bay, to be greeted by the sun and a bracing wind. It's a stunning place, and was where the outline of the first Land Rover® was drawn into the sand as a concept. It has therefore become symbolic as the birthplace of the brand. ang1.jpg#asset:5049:url

We were accompanied by several other people, including Dave with his model collection, and a musician who sang on the beach!


Ben enjoyed hearing the stories of what went on down on the beach all that time ago.



The route through the mountains to our destination was breathtaking.


Ben could not resist some photos being taken with his new Series 1 on the beach......well on the beach!


We drove well out to sea in the old girl!


....watching out for the areas we might get stuck. In true explorer fashion, Ben wasn't phased!


Next time......where next are we going? And what happens along the way!?

Part 4 

We had a slightly eventful journey to Derbyshire from Wales - in fact around 50 miles into our trip, when we were saying how well the Series 1 was doing, we lost the clutch pedal coming into a roundabout. Oh dear! With a diagnosed broken clutch fork we were not going to be able to continue in the Oney ! Luckily, very close by, there was a really good garage, Mills 4x4. They were happy to help us, so we towed Ben's Series 1 to their premises, where it was collected the following day. It's now back up north where it's being repaired. We were disappointed that it could not continue, but that's the thing with these old girls. She is 77 years old, and anything can happen on a long journey. The engine had been superb, and she had not lost a drop of oil or water anywhere, so it was quite unusual to have such a catastrophic failure. Not to worry though as it will be repaired, and Ben, being the adventurous type, seemed to quite enjoy the episode - particularly the Land Rover® fraternity, who are always there to help each other in times of need.

Once the Series 1 was safely stored, we all jumped in the support vehicle, our 90, and headed to Derbyshire, another long journey. We arrived at our hotel just in time for our evening meal with Ben.


The hotel was very nice, and they kindly kept the kitchen open, for our late arrival. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and talked about the fun we'd had so far on the trip. Our Ben was excited too, as we were going to visit Bowler the next day - and Ben likes things that go fast as well as his Series trucks!


Firstly apologies for the photo below, which doesn't want to flip! Here's Ben, at Bowler - these guys are great, and build some superb vehicles.


We were shown around the whole operation, and enjoyed seeing what they get up to!


Servicing a customer's car......


.....talking to us about their incredible vehicle support units. This massive truck is so well equipped, it could build a vehicle with what's on board, anywhere in The World!


This was one we liked - a Series 1 built to order to customer spec - this one is coil sprung for comfort, and has power steering and air con!


Oh, and a modern 6 cylinder diesel engine for reliability - not for the purist, but a lovely build.


Coil springs on a later chassis!


We went outside and had a look at their modified Defenders - all very nice.




Not so handsome! Only joking! This is an amazing vehicle....


We bet you want one.....but you will need nearly £200,000 for one of these. With over 5 litres of supercharged engine this is a one off - it will do 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, with 5.2 seconds on sand! It's fully road legal too. We want one....


Once we had finished at Bowler, we dropped Ben off at the station for his return to London. So what next?


Well, once we have the Series 1 fixed, Ben will be back up north to collect it. The long term plan for his lovely Series 1 are some bespoke alterations to Ben's taste. He enjoys driving it that much that he hopes to use it much more than he had first anticipated - the idea that it is a low carbon footprint vehicle, and not a "buy it use it and chuck it" item appeals to Ben's ideas on conservation.

We look forward to seeing Ben up north shortly, and will continue this story when it unfolds - there's a book launch to attend too in September which should be interesting - and also Ben has visited Cad and The Dandy on Savile Row in London too, so we look forward to reading about that in his future publication - for those of you who don't know, we created a vehicle for their company too, which is used in promotional shoots in the capital.

Thanks to Ben Fogle, for letting us share this story with you, and thanks to all at Mills 4x4 for being so helpful during our breakdown.

A Proud Day for the Team.

We were delighted that Ben Fogle featured us in his new book, "Land Rover", and were happy to help. This week ended the episode with an invite to the launch in a bookshop in Notting Hill.....here's the story......


We set off from York for our whirlwind tour of London. John Snr, John Jnr and Ben were joined by Lisa (off camera)


We first stopped for lunch in Soho before checking in....


....to our hotel in London.


We were conveyed to the venue in a fantastic Long Wheel Base Range Rover - perhaps the ultimate in 4x4 luxury.


Ben posed for a quick shot....


...before we set our selves up for a selfie - photo bombed by Ben Fogle himself! 


Ben also enlisted the assistance of Cad And The Dandy, of Savile Row to make him a suit - but not any old suit - this one is fashioned of Land Rover canvas! Fully waterproof and pre shrunk! The funny thing is that the suit will stand upon its own! Very smart we think.


James also arrived in style in the fab Series 3 he commissioned us to build. He drives everywhere with the roof off and door tops removed.


In the background you can see the bookshop, with Ben's two vehicles - our Series 1 and a smart 90 soft top.


Although the bookshop is fairly small, it was just big enough to squeeze us all in.


With the party in full swing and spilling out onto the pavement, it was lovely to meet other people and companies who have contributed towards the publication.


After a long day, a celebratory cocktail (or two) was consumed, before heading back north for work the following day. If you have enjoyed this article why not purchase a copy of the book to find out what happened on the road trip?

Sean Bean

We are delighted to see that one of our previous celebrity customers, Sean Bean, has donated his Land Rover® Lightweight to Sheffield Hospital in order to raise funds for cancer research and their cancer treatment unit. 

We hope that the Land Rover® helps to tackle cancer in the Sheffield Area when it is sold. 

See the full article here: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/...

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