Why buy from John Brown 4X4?

Posted on October 16, 2014

There are several outfits out there doing what we do - so why come to us?

Firstly, we sell more Series Land Rovers® than anyone else we know, so we know our game - we are the nation's favourite supplier.

Secondly, we are proud of our good reputation, and are more concerned that we sell vehicles that are in the best possible condition for age, rather than focusing on profit margins. When vehicles come in with any marginal running issues we always take the cautious line - we rarely just change the points - preferring to fit a complete distributor. This is more expensive, but means that in such cases, customers get the benefit of all new parts within that distributor - giving an increased chance of future reliability. The same is true of carburettors - many come in "part worn." They can be lived with, but there's nothing quite like a new carburretor to get the engine running sweetly, and as it should. We never fit second hand parts, or refit parts which were thought to be faulty that turned out to be ok - in those cases we leave the parts on. Recently we had a vehicle with a running issue.....after replacing much of the ignition and fuelling system, the fault was located, and was unconnected with these systems. The new parts were not removed and old replaced - so the new customer will have benefitted from a new coil, distributor, carburettor, HT leads etc etc.

Thirdly, all our vehicles (with the exception of export and commissioned sales) come with a 3 month, "back to base", major mechanical warranty for your peace of mind.

Finally, our in house inspection is more thorough than an MOT as it involves a test drive, and we often undertake repairs to vehicles which have been deemed satisfactory by VOSA. As an example, just this week a vehicle came into the unit, having covered 4 miles since the last MOT. Our inspection diagnosed two loose wheel bearings, a loose swivel housing, and more worryingly, a badly worn ball joint, which seriously affected the safety of the steering. Because we are experts, we know where to look for problems, and also have the ability to solve them. In buying from us, you have the added peace of mind that not only has the vehicle had a VOSA inspection, it's had a John Brown 4x4 inspection. We are pleased to report that the vehicle in question now has sound wheel bearings, nipped up swivels, and a new ball joint - so now it will steer safely and as it should.

If you decide to shop around for your Land Rover®, or find one a bit cheaper elsewhere, it may be prudent to ask what preparation procedures the vehicle has had. When some outfits don't seem bothered about even cleaning their stock, one wonders whether, for example, anyone has put their finger in the gearbox oil filler hole, to see if there's any oil left in the gearbox! Our inspection procedure not only looks for faults (and makes improvements) , it checks and fills oil levels in all the major components of the vehicle. Ben is pictured below, inspecting inside the brake drums.

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