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Bespoke Land Rover Rebuilds & Restoration

We are able to build to order, any vehicle required, to customer specifications. Most of our rebuilds tend to be of standard spec, with some modern upgrades to improve day to day use. We start with a new galvanised chassis, and rebuild with all new and refurbished parts. New springs, bolts, brake lines, brakes and shocks are reassembled onto the refurbished axles. The axles themselves are shot blasted and painted, and fitted where necessary with new seals and swivels. Wheels are shot blasted and balanced and fitted with correct, period rubber.

The engine and gearbox are assessed, cleaned, detailed and reassembled with a new clutch. In some cases, the engine is stripped and rebuilt. If the gearbox has faults, these are rectified. New ancillaries are often fitted including - radiator, coil, loom, distributor, carb, retaining only the parts which are in clean and good working order. These parts are fitted to the re-finished engine, which, when painted and detailed, looks superb. All vehicles get a new exhaust, new seats, and new hood and sticks. No parts are fitted to the vehicle unless either refurbished or replaced. This helps to give a "like new" appearance to engine bays and underside as well as to  the interior and exterior. The interior and dash get fully detailed, and we ensure that all dials work as they should.

A professional paint finish inside and out complete the restoration. Once completed, each restoration is thoroughly road tested and "shaked down" to ensure reliable running from the start.

Customers embarking on a custom rebuild (rather than purchasing one of our already rebuilt vehicles) have the option to select which model, configuration and colour they prefer. Optional upgrades can also be added at this point ie overdrive, heater, towbar etc etc.

Waiting times vary, but we are very busy at the moment.  Please contact us for more information and prices .

These shots show our 1950 80" that we bought as a barn find. OAS was in poor condition, with extensive chassis work being required. As a result we decided to completely strip the vehicle, and repair the chassis "on the bench".  This chassis work was prepared to the highest standard with flush "hidden" repairs throughout. The whole vehicle was then restored and rebuilt back up, so all parts are original, but restored. Non original items are removed, so even unsightly, later items vanish without trace!  One of the hardest tasks was to source a fuel tank, as they are not readily available off the shelf. It has, as you can see in the photos, a new, hand made stainless steel tank....very nice! All cappings are regalvanised prior to refitting. 

Restoring old Land Rovers® is a skilled and specialised procedure - even more so with early Series 1s - perhaps this is why so many people trust us only to restore their family heirloom.



Nick's bespoke truck - rebuilt by us!

We have been busy rebuilding two of Nick's trucks that he sent us recently. This one has been done to match another he owns of similar style. It started off life as a nice 24v 109, previously having had some attention. Despite this, it has been stripped back to its component parts, and re assembled onto a galvanised chassis. There's been a lot of detailing required on this one, as Nick has a keen eye for detail (we like that), and wanted all the various extras you get with a military machine to really "pop" and catch the eye - and we think they really do. The military tools on the back, as an example, have been carefully restored, and even the electrical plug socket covers have been regalvanised. It's been a long but rewarding job, but we think the finished result is very pleasing indeed. It's pictured below out on test (we wanted to wait for a dry day) having a final shakedown and clean. There are still a few little detailing jobs needed - we really do like them to look "new" when received by our customers - and John himself personally inspects each finished vehicle to ensure they meet his "fussy" standards.
We now are progressing with another build for Nick, this time in Oslo Blue - a 109 truckcab the same as this, but it's a lovely 6 cylinder, so sounds fantastic - that said, this military model sounds great too with its large 24 volt generator whining away at revs!
Once we have Nick's vehicle completed, we have a Series 3 truckcab for Malcolm to rebuild, which was left to him. After that we have a Series 1 80" for a customer on Teesside who wants a full rebuild also - and that is promised to him for Christmas, so we need to press on! There is also a superb, early, Series 1 80" Lights Behind The Grill which is in the process of a thorough refurbishment too, so we currently have a 12 month waiting list for this sought after, and very specialist work. 
If you have a family heirloom that you want restoring to a high standard then give us a call - we will certainly not be the cheapest quote you receive, but there again there's an old saying that you get what you pay for isn't there!?




Malcolm's Bespoke Rebuild wins Best in Show...

To those of you who keep an eye on what we do, you will know that alongside preparing and selling stock, we also rebuild from the ground up.  This service is highly sought after, and we currently have a 12 month waiting list. 

One of our previous customers is Malcolm, who contacted us with a view to using this service for his vehicle. Malcolm has owned his series for a long time, and wanted to have it nicely restored, so he could continue to enjoy it. He made enquiries to several outfits, gaining quotations for the work. When we submitted our quote he questioned why it was the most expensive he had received - we told him about the thorough nature of what we do, and once his mind was put at rest he made the difficult decision to entrust us with his beloved truck.

Malcolm gave us a deadline as he wanted to show his vehicle, so we promptly collected it and, following a meeting where we got our heads together to make a detailed plan, the rebuild commenced. Once  a full strip down was completed, all parts were refurbished or replaced, and bolted back together onto a new galvanised chassis. Malcolm was particularly keen to maintain the originality, so care was taken to present it as it would have been back in the day. This involved painting the chassis black prior to rebuild, so it looked authentic. As usual, all the cappings were regalvanised, and many hours of preparation to the body was applied prior to a really nice paint job. We KNEW the resulting vehicle would be stunning, but obviously Malcolm was just working from what we had told him. We are so confident in our rebuilds that we told Malcolm that he would not need to come and see it - so we carried out the thorough "shake down" post build, polished and cleaned it, and put it on a lorry bound for Scotland.  When Malcolm saw his newly rebuilt wagon, we are led to believe he was a little taken back. WE remember the conversation we had with him, where he said he had expected it to look nice, but hadn't quite understood just how good it was going to look. As usual, we were delighted that he was delighted too - and how could'nt he be, with such a beautiful vehicle? Anyway, we received a lovely email from Malcolm this week, saying that he was enjoying taking the old girl to shows - in fact he had just attended one in Scotland, and had won Best Land Rover® in show!  If you are considering using us to rebuild your cherished family heirloom then read on, as this is what he said!  We wish Malcolm many happy years of ownership of his superb Series 3 !

Good Morning Thank you very much for sending out the newly painted spare wheel so quickly for my Land Rover, it looked great and I fitted it in time for the show. I took HSL 381W, which was restored by you this year, to the Scottish Transport Extravaganza 2 day event at Glamis Castle at the weekend. There were lots of lovely Land Rovers on display from all over the country, including the Earl of Strathmores private collection of early series land rovers, Land Rover clubs, and private entries from concours restored Series 1s, to SIIa Carmicheal  Fire Engines, forward controls and totally original patina Series 1-3s. I was delighted when HSL was awarded "Best Land Rover in Show"! It drew lots of admiration all day with everyone commenting on how good the restoration was and how much detail had gone into it, and how the vehicle was as good as, if not better than new. The judges were extremely impressed and even spent a long time crawling in the mud underneath it to inspect the chassis and fittings! I am so glad we decided to paint the galvanised chassis black during the rebuild it looks really good with the new stainless bolts and fittings.  I also picked up the 1st prize for the Regularity Run so it was a very good weekend! I have attached some photos, unfortunately it didn't stop raining hard all weekend so the photos aren't great. Thanks again for all your help. 

Best Regards Malcolm




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