Land Rover® Series 1Land Rover® Series 1 For Sale, Land Rover® Series 1 in Deep Bronze Green (1957) MOT exempt, tax exempt. Diesel 2286cc. This smart, early vehicle benefits from free wheeling hubs and tow bar, and on the inside there are three seats upfront, twin rear bench seats in the rear, and mats. These are great vehicle to own and run, and...

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Land Rover® Series 3 - *Soft Top *Land Rover® Series 3 - *Soft Top * For Sale, Land Rover® Series 3 Diesel in deep bronze green (1982) Diesel 2286cc, with brand new soft top. Mot until July 9th 2015 (no advisories) and not currently taxed. This smart soft top benefits from a tow bar on the outside and a new interior seat set with luxury mats.  This is a good example of the classic...

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New Stock Arriving Soon.New Stock Arriving Soon. Coming soon 1949 Series 1 Land Rover® 80 inch, 88inch fully rebuilt Series 1 with Galvanised Chassis and Series 2a rebuilt on a Galvanised Chassis in blue. If you are interested in any more details on the above vehicles please contact a member of our team on 01845 525440 or contact John directly on 07834 975709. Alternatively,...

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Land Rover® 90 *G4 Challenge* *Galvanised chassis*Land Rover® 90 *G4 Challenge* *Galvanised chassis* For sale, Land Rover® 90 in G4 Orange (1991) Long MOT and taxed until June 2014. This stunning vehicle has been recently rebuilt onto a new  galvanised chassis. It sports the reliable 200tdi engine, and is fitted with power steering for better driving comfort. As can be seen in the photos, it has smart chequer plate...

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Land Rover® Series 3 -*Power Steering & Galvanised Chassis*Land Rover® Series 3 -*Power Steering & Galvanised... For Sale, Land Rover® Series 3 Station Wagon in Masai Red (1983) Petrol 2286cc. 12 months MOT will be supplied, and taxed until July 2014. This is a genuine Station Wagon, fitted with all the fineries that they come with....tropical roof with vents, headliner, deluxe interior trim with door cards, deluxe carpeting,...

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Series 2 / Series 2a / 3 Land Rover®

Know more about the Land Rover®  Series 2 and Series

The later series Land Rovers® can be a sound buy. The Series 2 Land rover® came out in 1958, initially sporting the original 2L engine from the series 1. The Series 2  and Series 2a Land Rovers® are largely the same beast, with very slight differences. The Series 2  is perhaps the most popular vintage Land Rover® for ownership, as these classic vehicles are perhaps the cheapest  and most pretty of the marque.

These classic vehicles were built with both petrol and diesel engines, the 2286cc unit which is still running strong to this day. Some people prefer the petrol engine, as they rarely give any trouble and can be easily tuned. You do get a few extra miles per gallon out of the diesel Land Rover®, but you lose power and refinement.

Fuel economy is a frequently asked topic. Many people quote 18mpg for the petrol Series 2a Land Rover® and 22mpg for the diesel Series 2 . We have, on some occasions managed to get nearer to 30 mpg on a longer run from a petrol unit – most people carry out small journeys and this reduces economy, as it would with any car. Good set up on your vehicle –  electronic ignition, free wheeling hubs, overdrive, and a healthy engine can all contribute.

Again, as with the series Land Rover®, if your vehicle is in well kept condition it should drive  well – albeit not like a modern vehicle! .

The Series 3 Land Rover® represents perhaps the best value. Early examples are now tax exempt too, which represents a good saving. Having a tax exempt Land Rover® is a big pull for some owners, but expect to pay a premium for such a vehicle. .  These vehicles are generally  the most comfortable of all classic Land Rovers®, and had a soft dash, better ride quality and synchro on all gears. They should be better to drive, with their modern servo brakes and comfy seats.

Any classic 4X4 from John Brown  should prove to be  a good investment. We even retain some vehicles ourselves for the same reasons!