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Land Rover® Series 2 *Galvanised Chassis & Original paint* (OSJ)


For sale, Land Rover® Series 2 Ragtop in Deep Bronze Green (1959).

12 months MOT will be supplied on sale, despite being MOT exempt. Tax exempt.

Petrol 2286cc. Free Wheeling hubs. Range Rover Diffs. Parabolic Springs. Galvanised Chassis.

We are delighted to present this very unusual Series 2 for sale, it having being rebuilt onto a new, galvanised chassis a few years ago. This is a genuine Series 2, not the later 2a, which was only produced for 2 years - the benefit of which means that although we are supplying it with a new MOT for reasons of clarity, it does not require one by law.....this makes it ideal for using in overseas countries, where registering may be difficult, as it does not need to return to the UK each year. Similarly, many people find owning an elderly vehicle much more simple with just an annual service rather than jumping through the legislative hoops that come with modern MOTs.

This vehicle was rebuilt a "few" years ago by the former keeper. At that time, other jobs were carried out - a five bearing petrol engine was fitted for better long term survival, Range Rover diffs were added for more modern gearing ratios, both axles were reconditioned and parabolic springs and pro comp shocks were fitted to give a more compliant ride. Importantly though, what wasn't done was to tamper with the amazing patination that has taken 60 years to get like that! It's very rare to find original or minimally intervened paintwork, and we love the look - it's a proper old looking Land Rover® on the surface, but underneath lies the new chassis, meaning that you do not inherit a 60 year old chassis!

Externally, the canvas is brand new, as are the galvanised hood sticks. The paintwork, as mentioned is largely original and very pretty in our opinion. It's all very standard, although there are a set of 5 larger chevron style tyres to give a purposeful look, and some handy extra gearing too.

On the inside, there are 3 front seats. The rear is unfitted, but as usual, bench seats can be added if required. There's a heater, and the dash is nicely preserved. Deluxe mats are fitted throughout.

Out on the road, this old girl bombs along very nicely, with a good turn of speed - aided by the marriage between that 5 bearing engine, and the oversize tyres and Range Rover it's a lot easier to cruise at speeds greater than it was ever intended. The softer ride assists here too, so it's "relatively" comfortable too. With the addition of the free wheeling hubs, fuel economy promises to be slightly better than standard too!

In summary this is a rebuilt Land Rover®, retaining that rare patinated charm, whilst enjoying some worthwhile upgrades to help it keep up with modern day traffic. With that great paintwork, specification, Series 2 rarity, soft top configuration and MOT exemption, this is one desirable vehicle.

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