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Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Gastrowagon (HEB)


For sale, on behalf of a customer, THE GASTROWAGON (1980)

Tax Exempt. 

This is a unique opportunity to purchase an amazing vehicle of renowned TV fame. To those of you who are unaware, this vehicle was created for the television series "A Cook On The Wild Side." This show aired 20 years ago this year, and marked the beginning of celebrity chef, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's illustrious TV career. A book and DVD show the vehicle being driven around the UK by Hugh, as he foraged for food - both of which are included in the sale.

We purchased this vehicle in somewhat of a sorry state - and in an array of pieces - in effect an enormous jigsaw puzzle. The vehicle was completely stripped, and rebuilt onto a brand new galvanised chassis (correct suffix, correct spring hanger mounts etc etc). It was then rebuilt to our high standards, where all parts are either replaced or refurbished, resulting in a "like new" appearance and driving experience.

As this is a very special vehicle, we were fastidious in ensuring al the correct pieces went into all the correct places, following hours of research, studying stills from the DVD. The boat on the roof was the sleeping quarters, and this was rubbed down and received 5 coats of varnish. even the interior was painted and there is a matress and sleeping bag included, so it really can be used. The canvas was painstakingly refitted, and can be closed over and opened....The base vehicle has many interesting features designed to make filming easier - there is a perspex roof fitted along with bonnet mounted camera mount to get the driving shots (the perspex gives more light). Ths mount also unbolts and doubles up as a ladder to get to bed! One of the sides is a table, and the back (as you can see) opens up to create a full kitchen with two burner hob, oven and fridge - and they all work perfectly. We have also painstakingly ( and at considerable expense) sourced the correct ancilliaries as used on the show, including the vintage ice cream maker as used to create gooseberry ice cream! There are two sinks and a shower, all working and all hard plumbed unlike the original - where we have been able to improve the useability we have adapted the fit to make it better - in fact the whole vehicle is better than it was - no kicked in wings, no flapping door tops - they have all been reworked and replaced to give a new, improved version of the original.....even the canopy has been replaced with a £500 bespoke new item, which is wind and water proof, so even in poor weather you can still cook. This attention to detail runs to various places, where we have added seals to create a better product.

Once the build was completed we were invited to show this iconic vehicle during the Spring Fair at River Cottage HQ. Hugh came to have a chat, and very kindly signed the bulkhead in permanent marker. These photos are all included in the sale, along with the original photos showing it in a very sorry state, plus the detailed rebuild shots documenting the works undertaken. There is also a full keeper history included in the pack. We have approached several large museums to offer it to them, but until a deposit is received it is available to anyone.

As this is a completely unique, one off vehicle - and famous with superb history, photographic evidence, fully rebuilt it is difficult to value. I'm sure we don't have to mention the many thousands of pounds and hours invested in this truck, let alone the extortionate purchase price initially paid. As such we are not interested in offers for the vehicle.

There is so much more to know and learn about this vehicle, not listed in this brief advert, but the lucky new owner will be shown every element in detail.

If you love vintage 109s, cooking, camping and River Cottage this has to be THE one.

As this is a private sale between yourself and the selling customer there is no warranty implied or given by us.

Priced at £49,995

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