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Bedford Green Goddess Fire Engine *Museum Quality * (YUM)


For sale, Bedford Green Goddess in Green (1957)

Tax Exempt. MOT Exempt.

We are delighted to offer for sale, the finest Green Goddess we have had the pleasure to present.

As can be seen from the photos, it is in outstanding condition for its age, and was driven in over 200 miles!

It has just over 3000 miles on the clock which one would have to assume is genuine, with these vehicles generally being used as toys - there is also some accompanying documentation that would support this theory.

This truck is fully fitted out will all the goodies one hopes for in one of these, and is, in our opinion, of museum quality. The troublesome roof has also been replaced with a modern rubberised material, so it can happily sit outside in any weather. 

In with the paperwork for this vehicle there are several owners and workshop manuals detailing how to use the ancillary equipment, which is always useful and desirable.

These vehicles are great fun - four wheel drive so capable on grass and mud, able to pump huge quantities of water should you be in a flood risk zone (and there is also a mobile petrol pump too) and actually drive very well, having been "high up" in technology of the day.  The cab is a real hoot and can carry even the largest family non a mad trip to the seaside!

If you are looking for a premium vintage truck to show and enjoy then this is worth considering. And with no tax or MOT, there's no simpler way of investing in a period truck. 

Due to the size, delivery cannot be conducted at our standard rates, although it has already proved it is capable of reliably driving long distances! 

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