John Brown 4x4 Ltd Promotional VideoJohn Brown 4x4 Ltd Promotional Video We are delighted to present our new promotional video, which gives current and prospective customers a short insight into our business. We hope you find it both entertaining and informative.          

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Series 1 Land Rover® (1949)Series 1 Land Rover® (1949) For sale, Land Rover® Series 1 80" (1949) MOT exempt, tax exempt. This stunning "first generation, lights behind the grill" Land Rover® is in truly outstanding condition (we think the photos speak for themselves). The logbook shows declared manufactured 1948, but the enclosed heritage certificate shows a build date...

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Land Rover®- Series 2a- 'YUK'-*Soft Top*Land Rover®- Series 2a- 'YUK'-*Soft Top* For sale Land Rover® Series 2a in Deep Bronze Green (1962). Will be supplied with 12 months MOT and tax exempt (not currently taxed) This lovely Series 2a has  the excellent 2 1/4 petrol engine . This Series 2 drives incredibly well and will happily cruise at 55-60 miles per hour with ease. (New gearbox recently...

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Series 1 Land Rover® (1958)Series 1 Land Rover® (1958) For sale, Land Rover ®Series 1 in Deep Bronze Green (1958) MOT exempt and tax exempt. This beautiful 88" Series 1 has been fully rebuilt, professionally. It has been stripped down to bare chassis, which has been repaired and galvanised. It has then been re built with a newly rebuilt engine (ACR Automotive), and gearbox....during...

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Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess *MOT & Tax Exempt* (1956)Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess *MOT & Tax Exempt* (1956)   For Sale, Bedford RLHZ Green Goddess (1956) MOT and Tax Exempt. Registered 1956, 3000 miles, 4.9 litre petrol engine. Fully documented service history. Excellent condition both mechanically and bodywork wise. This vehicle has been stored inside since decommission so the woodwork is in excellent condition as...

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